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    Our Recent Top Exam Scorers

    Andrea Mcewan

    Andrea Mcewan

    Celeste Bailey

    Congratulations to Celeste Bailey for passing the Bourgogne Master Level exam with highest honors!

    About Celeste:

    I am both an enthusiast and professional.  I’ve been an enthusiast since I was old enough to legally enjoy wine and have always wanted to become more wine-knowledgeable, but did not have the time due to my legal career and family obligations.  Once I retired early from being a lawyer, I signed up to take a WSET class at the Florida Wine Academy and passed Levels 2 and 3 with distinction.  Shortly thereafter, the founder of the Florida Wine Academy asked me to join her team to help with teaching WSET wine courses.  I then took the FWS program at the Florida Wine Academy and passed with Highest Honors, so I now teach these sessions as well.

    Earlier this year I took the Rhone Master-Level program and passed with Highest Honors. The FWS provides an incredible base of knowledge about all French regions.  The Master Level programs really provide detailed information about a particular region that simply cannot be learned without the thorough coverage in both the reading materials and corresponding webinars. I found the Master program of Bourgogne to be one of the most invaluable courses I’ve taken to date.  Most wine lovers acknowledge that the Bourgogne region is difficult, but after taking the class and the exam, I believe that I have a high level of understanding of the complexities within Bourgogne.  So much so, that I’ve already taught a Bourgogne Masterclass at the Florida Wine Academy since passing my exam!

    I am currently enrolled in the Spanish Wine Scholar Educator program and plan on completing this by April 2020.  I look forward to becoming a Spanish wine scholar and to educate others to become the same.  In addition, I understand that there will be a Master-Level Piedmont program offered soon.  I’m most interested in taking this course as well.

    As stated above, I am now able to teach Master Classes of Bourgogne and Rhone at the Florida Wine Academy. I’m also enrolled to go on the WSG Bourgogne trip this May to put what I learned to work.  Finally, the Master Level classes really do teach you how to become an informed consumer and/or collector of wine.  I collect wines and having the advanced knowledge of a region and its producers really makes a difference when purchasing wines.


    David Bersier, FWS

    Congratulations to David Bersier, FWS, for passing the French Wine Scholar exam with highest honors!

    About David:

    I have always had an interest in wine. I started buying local wine (in Switzerland where I used to live) as soon as I started having some money to spend but for a long time I wasn’t really trying to know much about wine. Things got more serious a few years ago when I started looking for a more organised way of learning. I wanted to go beyond just enjoying what I was drinking but I wanted to actually understand what was in the glass. I started going to wine tastings more regularly and I started taking courses. As I’ve always been drawn to French wines, the FWS program looked like an obvious next step and I happily took that step.

    For a long time I was just happy to discover new wines and drink something pleasant, without much knowledge of the aromatic profile of various grape varieties, wine regions, or wine making techniques (and their impact on the wines). After reading a number of books and gathering information from various internet sources, I wanted a more formal wine education so I took the WSET Level 2 and Level 3 courses. While I very much liked the broad view that they provide, I wanted to explore French wines in greater depth for various reasons. One is that my preferences lead me to some specific French wine regions. Another is that, growing up in nearby Switzerland, one can’t help but be influenced by that large neighbor that claims to make the best wines in the world. Yet another is that I will eventually relocate to France and I wanted a deeper knowledge of French wine than I had then. The FWS program was exactly what I needed.

    Having finished the FWS program, I am now enrolled in a course at the University of Bourgogne in Dijon on Wine, Culture, and Wine Tourism. This year-long course focuses on viticulture and wine tourism. This will provide the basis I need to acquire in order to develop a wine tourism activity in South-West France in the future. The FWS program provided a solid foundation in French wine that I can build upon to expand my general knowledge of viticulture and wine-making.

    As I intend to work in the wine tourism industry in South-West France, a thorough knowledge of French wines is a necessary basis. There is such a broad range of characteristics, in terms of soils, climates, wine styles, or grape varieties, that one can use this diversity to illustrate differences and similarities in practices across various regions, the impact of the climate, emphasize the importance of the terroir, etc. The knowledge I gained in the FWS program is really invaluable in this respect as the course is both broad and thorough.


    Khem Rai, FWS

    Congratulations to Khem Rai, FWS, for passing the French Wine Scholar exam with highest honors!

    About Khem:

    I am an avid wine drinker.  I am told my first sip of wine was when I was around 4 years of age but of course I do not remember what I drank!

    After working for 12 years in the financial solutions industry, I decided I wanted to do something different with my life and took a career break. While figuring out what to do next, I started to study wine as I wanted to understand more about what I was drinking and the process that went into making wine.

    I have completed WSET level 2, WSET level 3, French Wine Scholar and Barossa Master level. I am currently a WSET Diploma, Italian Wine Scholar and Sud de France Master level student.  Studying French Wine Scholar and Italian Wine Scholar has allowed me to break down these complex wine regions into individual areas which are then easier to study and understand.  I plan to study Spanish Wine Scholar and also join some of the Wine Scholar Guild study trips in the future.  I believe visiting wine regions provides students with knowledge and perspective that cannot be gained through reading books alone.

    I like to collect wines from around the world. Studying wine allows me to make an educated decision on what to buy, collect or drink.  I think wine should be fun, it connects people from different walks of life and it is meant for sharing.  I just wish studying wine was as easy as drinking it!!


    Diego Arrebola, FWS

    Congratulations to Diego Arrebola, FWS, for passing the French Wine Scholar exam with highest honors!

    About Diego:

    I’ve been working with wine and beverages for 15 years now, specifically as a consultor and an educator for 8 years. Wine is day by day more and more important for a great number of businesses and also as a crucial part of people’s social life. This understanding is what took me to look at this market as both a career and a challenge, considering that Brazil isn’t exactly a wine drinking country. I see wine education as the best way to change that, to show consumers better wines and, even more, take them to better understand the wines they’re drinking and so make better choices. My ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible to achieve this.

    I’m a Professional Sommelier, certified by ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale), by the Brazilian Sommelier Association (ABS) and by the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS), I’m a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, a WSET Level 3 in Wines and Spirits and a WSET certified educator. After many years of “general” studies, with courses and certifications covering the wine world as a whole, I’ve felt it was time to go one step further and look for in depth courses focused in single countries and/or regions. Nothing better than starting with the best one, the FWS!

    Besides the fact that I can now teach the FWS courses in Eno Cultura, it makes me more comfortable to talk about French wines. The most important of all the wine producing countries deserves that we talk and teach about it with proper authority, and the FWS certification provides me with a great deal of that.


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