Wednesday, 15 May 2019 13:31

PODCAST: Steven Spurrier on Académie du Vin Library, English Wine & more

Written by Pierre Freyermuth

Steven Spurrier, Consultant Editor for Decanter, joined the Wine Scholar Guild for a chat on his new Academie du Vin Library, named for France’s first private wine school that he opened in Paris in 1973. Through this venture he’s reviving classic pieces of wine literature from the past, bring them into the present for future enjoyment. In this interview he offers perspective on the cultural aspect of wine writing and the relationship of writing to not only learning about - but the enjoyment of - wine. The Academie du Vin Library will also be commissioning some new works by contemporary wine writers.

He also shares some behind-the-scenes information on his Bride Valley Brut from his vines in Dorset. Being that he’s the mastermind behind the historic 1976 blind wine tasting that became known as the Judgement of Paris we had to ask: will there be a Judgement of Dorset?

Members can view the webinar with Steven Spurrier HERE, and explore the Academy du Vin Library offerings on the

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