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Veneto’s wine production by the numbers

Veneto Wine Production

Today, Veneto represents Italy’s most productive wine region and accounts for 25% of Italy’s total DOC/G wine production.

Although Piemonte and Toscana have a larger number of total DOC/G appellations, Veneto is the country’s largest DOC/G producer. In fact, more than 40% of Veneto’s total wine production falls within the DOC/G categories. IGT accounts for 40% of production and the rest falls under the generic wine category.

Veneto also has the third largest area under vine—approximately 200,000 ac/80,000 ha. Only Sicilia and Puglia have more.

Total DOCs/DOCGs Total DOCGs Total DOCs
1 Piemonte 1. Piemonte 1. Piemonte
2 Toscana 2 Veneto 2 Toscana
3 Veneto 3 Toscana 3 Veneto




Maurizio Broggi

BY Maurizio Broggi

Native Italian, DWS and Certified Sommelier. Wine Scholar Guild's Education Director for Italy. Creator of the Italian Wine Scholar study & certification program

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