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Why study Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is France’s largest appellation and largest producer of AOC wine! It has been exported since the Middle Ages. In fact, its inland port with its historic and stately, stone warehouses, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
The region has been tracked with regard to vintage year for its entire history. Collectors speak in terms of Moueix and Derenoncourt, of Thunevin and Maltus as avid fans speak of their favorite athletes. Even non-wine drinkers have heard of Châteaux Mouton, Lafite, Latour, Margaux and Haut Brion!
Bordeaux’s en primeur or futures sales have historically been high entertainment and a competitive sport as consumers and investors attempt to procure the most highly-rated wines for the best prices.
The global wine community descends on Bordeaux every other year like vinous pilgrims on a bacchanal to attend Vinexpo. All eyes look to Bordeaux. In fact, California created an entire “Meritage” category for Bordeaux-styled blends.
With an average annual production of 61 million 9-liter cases, Bordeaux has flaunted the quality to quantity ratio and proven that great wines can be made in large volume.
Bordeaux’s rich history, commercial significance, mercantile mindset, size, and quality set it apart from other French wine regions. It does not beg study; it commands it!
Bordeaux was sending out its clarets on the high seas while Champagne was red and still and Hermitage was white. To master the wines of France, start here!

Master the Wines of Bordeaux and study under a true Bordeaux Dream Team of Instructors with our Bordeaux Master-Level program debuting April 26th 2018!

PODCAST: Jane Anson & Andrew Jefford on Bordeaux

Lisa Airey

BY Lisa Airey

Lisa has 13 years of experience working in the wholesale industry selling wine and training both distributor sales people and restaurant staff. For the past 11 years, she has developed and/or expanded international study and certification programs for wine trade first with the Society of Wine Educators and now currently with the Wine Scholar Guild. She was knighted by the French government in 2016 (Ordre Mérite Agricole) for her contribution to French agriculture (namely, the French Wine Scholar program).

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