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Master-Level Online Programs for Wine Educators

Master-Level Online Programs for Wine Educators


The Wine Scholar Guild's Master-Level programs are wine industry-endorsed wine study programs for trade and advanced students of wine. Candidates can earn Master-Level certificates for accruing expertise in each of the wine regions of France including: 

Provence Champagne Bordeaux Rhône Alsace Bourgogne

The Master-Level Online programs includes:

  • A comprehensive study manual for the region
  • A comprehensive series of live and/or recorded webinars with Masters of Wine, journalists and iconic producers
  • Instructor support and assistance 


  • The online exam
  • Online quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • Downloadable maps
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group organized by students enrolled in the online program

Master-Level programs start at $295

Provence Champagne Bordeaux Rhône Alsace Bourgogne

"I would absolutely recommend the Master-Level program to another wine educator! The program provides in depth knowledge of the regions that can't be found anywhere else. The educators are top notch and the style of learning can fit the needs of even the busiest person." Tanisha Townsend, CSS, CSW, FWS Wine & Spirits Educator/Consultant at Girl Meets Glass

3 reasons for wine educators to sign up for the ML programs: 

1. To pick wines that will inspire your students and enhance your classroom experience.

2. To craft superior food and wines pairing workshops for your epicurean students. 

3. To become a trend-setter by staying ahead of mainstream wine culture.

Free webinar excerpts pulled from our regional Master-Level programs:


    • Masters of Wine including: Elizabeth Gabay MW, Rosemary George MW, Jay Youmans MW, Debra Meiburg MW, Roger Bohmrich MW, Fiona Morrison MW, Charles Curtis MW, Matthew Stubbs MW, Essi Avellan MW, Stephen Charters MW;
    • Master Sommeliers including: Eric Hemer MS, MW, Geoff Kruth MS;
    • Iconic producers including: Olivier Humbrecht MW, Paul Amsellem, Louis Barruol
    • Highly regarded industry professionals and journalists including: Thierry Meyer, Andrew Jefford, Allen Meadows, Peter Liem, Don Kinnan
Olivier Humbrecht MW Andrew Jefford Eric Hemer MW, MS
Lisa Granik MW 

Charles Curtis MW

Essi Avellan MW Peter Liem Allen Meadows

Master-Level program help wine educators to provide better classroom experiences for their students

"When combined with the immersion study trips  (I did both Burgundy and Champagne) it shows that you as a teacher have both the written and physical experience of these very special places." Mike Lee


"I become more comfortable to discuss, teach, and elaborate on deep details of that wine region with confidence.  Even details I forgot over time I could easily remember upon a quick review." Paul Giudici


"I highly recommend a Master Level Certification in a subject you are passion about because taking it to the next level gives you an enormous confidence when speaking about it." Katherine McEachnie, FWS,  DipWSET, CSW IWSC Judge & Canadian Ambassador 


"I can definitely offer a better classroom experience! Not only do I have a deeper understanding of the regions, I also have resources that I can share with my students in order to share my knowledge with them. I have specific storied and anecdotes to help connect-the-dots for them with the regions. They love it!" Tanisha Townsend, CSS, CSW, FWS Wine & Spirits Educator/Consultant at Girl Meets Glass