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The whole point of our immersion study trips is to allow participants to learn as much as possible about the visited region and its wines.

When available, it is mandatory to take the WSG Master Level course for the region you have chosen to visit. The price of the course is included in the price of the Trip. And It is important to take the course before the trip to be able to keep up with the instruction, which will be delivered assuming that everyone has already taken the course and has all the basic information already.

An Enrolled Study Price applies to those currently studying the regions' Master-Level program or who have completed it.

Full registration in the region’s Master-Level program means students who have previously ordered the region's Master-Level study manual, exam registration and online study program. Registrants only partially enrolled in the region's Master-Level program (eg.: Only have manual and exam, or only online study program…) will get the Enrolled Trip Price and will be invoiced directly by WSG for the portion of the Master-Level they are missing at a 50% discount on prices listed on the WSG website.

If an updated manual is needed, it can be purchased at a 50% discount.

Wine Scholar™ programs


Study & Certificate Programs

The Wine Scholar Guild's Master-Level program is a U.S. wine industry-endorsed and French Regional Wine Councils-endorsed wine study program for trade and for advanced students of wine. Candidates can earn Master-Level Certificates for accruing expertise in each of the wine regions of France.

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5 reasons why you should become a member!

Keep your knowledge current!
Keep your knowledge current!

Maintain and expand your knowledge on the world of wine and French wine in particular.

Access true experts!
Access true experts!

Learn from Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, award-winning journalists and regional experts.

Join a vibrant community!
Join a vibrant community!

Network with peers, get advice from fellow travelers or simply meet like-minded individuals from around the world.

Save money!
Save money!

Get discounts on Wine Scholar Guild programs and publications as well as other special opportunities to save on related products.

Polish your professional image!

Get inside track on the world of French wine with our range of professional development resources.



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