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We choose hotels that are authentically French or Italian, charming and typical of the region, and well-located for easy access to shops and restaurants.

We choose 4-star hotels to ensure a high level of comfort (high-comfort 3-star for Bourgogne), including en suite bathrooms, WiFi and air conditioning.  It’s also important for the hotels to be well-situated in the region, to keep driving time and distance to a minimum and to make sure you are as close as possible to the vineyards and other local sites of interest. 

We thoroughly check out each hotel before including it in a trip. In wine regions that are large and spread-out, you will only change hotels once or twice during a week-long trip (to keep driving times to a minimum each day), and in other regions there is only one centrally-located hotel.

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The Wine Scholar Guild's Master-Level program is a U.S. wine industry-endorsed and French Regional Wine Councils-endorsed wine study program for trade and for advanced students of wine. Candidates can earn Master-Level Certificates for accruing expertise in each of the wine regions of France.

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Keep your knowledge current!

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Access true experts!

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Join a vibrant community!

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Save money!

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