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Endorsements & Testimonials

Nicholas Poletto
Director of Education at Kobrand Corporation
Nicholas Poletto

The French Wine Scholar manual has once again proven why the Wine Scholar Guild is one of the best wine education programs in the world. What I particularly found helpful was the background information at the beginning of the manual.  The detailed information on the vineyard cycle, the effect of temperature and wind, the vineyard pests and plagues, understanding different trellising methods, etc., all helps build a solid foundation permitting a deeper understanding of wine.  The manual clearly explains the methods for both vineyard and winery work, which allow the student to fully appreciate the French wine regions.  

I have found many students are visual learners, and the quality of maps used by the French Wine Scholar manual are incredible. It really helps in understanding the material more thoroughly.  

I found the manual to be very well organized, enjoyable level of detail and a study guide I will continue to recommend.  Thank you for sharing this manual with me.


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