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French Wine Scholar™ Study & Certification Program


The French Wine Scholar™'s education program is the most advanced, comprehensive, and up-to-date French wine course. The syllabus takes a regional approach and discusses all French wine appellations and the factors that shape their identities.

The program provides committed students of wine with an unparalleled set of study tools designed to maximize learning and boost knowledge retention.






Earn the French Wine Scholar™ (FWS) post-nominal via the online, independent study format OR enroll in the 10-week, instructor-led online format, including ten live review webinars.

The French Wine Scholar™ Online Learning Format Includes:

  • A comprehensive 330-page study manual with illustrations, maps, and graphics, available in print + e-book formats
  • 1-year access to our interactive and user-friendly e-learning platform, including online learning modulespronunciation exercisesquizzes, and flashcards
  • Ten live review webinars* with acclaimed wine educators *instructor-led format only.
  • suggested schedule of study* with learning objectives that provide detailed assessment criteria for mastery
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group 
  • An online exam sit (100 multiple choice questions).

Choose your format:

Independent Study Format

On-demand, start anytime

Price: $750 


10-week Instructor-Led Format

The next session starts January 5, 2023

Price: $950



French Wine Scholar™ classes are offered by licensed program providers and delivered by an approved FWS instructor. This study format includes:

All FWS program providers teach from the same Wine Scholar Guild-developed presentations and are supplied with uniform teaching materials.

Naturally, each instructor has a unique teaching style. As a result, the wine selection will vary by market, and the class length and class structure (weekly, biweekly, weekends, etc.) will vary from location to location. Still, the content will be the same no matter where you take the class. For many, the classroom experience helps hammer home the theory; a tutored tasting component brings each region to life. In addition, many students find the set "schedule" helpful in keeping up with their studies.





We offer all the necessary tools and support to master the wines of France!

FWS study manual in print + e-book formats

The 330-page, full-color study manual provides all the information derived from the test questions. You do not need to research your study materials; everything you need to know is in the manual.

Comprehensive coverage of France's 14 distinct wine regions:

  • Viticultural history, wine culture, and traditions
  • Location and climate and their effects on viticulture and wine style
  • Topography, geography, and soils and their impact on the vine
  • Grape varieties and their organoleptic profiles
  • Viticulture and winemaking practices
  • Wine industry trends and economics
  • All AOCs, with their regulations, wine styles, and specificities
  • Fundamental Unit covers the history of France, its political geography, physical geography, climate, soils, grapes, training systems, and viticultural & vinicultural practices, plus an essential piece on how AOCs are counted and why different sources quote different figures.
  • Particular focus on current regional trends and challenges
  • Pie charts of pertinent AOC production numbers and area under vine by wine region
  • Learning objectives that provide detailed assessment criteria for mastery

Regions covered: Alsace, Champagne, Bourgogne, Beaujolais, Jura, Savoie, Loire, Bordeaux, Southwest, Languedoc, Roussillon, Rhône, Provence, Corsica

FWS Online Study Modules

French Wine Scholar™ online study modules feature:

The FWS online study modules offer interactive presentations in a measurable, meaningful format designed for maximum content retention and ease of use. Each region of France is covered and dovetails nicely with the French Wine Scholar study manual. Study materials are available 24/7. So if you've got a laptop and an internet connection, you've got a classroom!

  • Quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • Educational graphics, videos, and pronunciation exercises to offer new insight and keep you engaged
  • Auto save function for resuming where you left off 
  • A progress bar tracks your accomplishments


About the French Wine Scholar:

The French Wine Scholar study and certification program confers a post-nominal to wine professionals and enthusiasts who successfully pass the certification exam (Ex: John Smith, FWS). In addition, the FWS credential has true international recognition with a school network encompassing 30 countries on five continents.

It was created by WSG Education Director Lisa M. Airey CWE, with the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, which knighted her in recognition of the program's exceptional level of depth, accuracy, detail, and academic rigor as well as its impact on the global wine industry.


Student Testimonials:

  • Javier Alberto ALVA ZAPATA
    on Dec 2, 2022
    "This program offers you a complete training and understanding on all the styles of wines that you could find in France. I have been studying wines for a few years and this course gave the chance to find a lot of rich and new information on the French wine industry."
  • Javier Alberto ALVA ZAPATA
    on Dec 2, 2022
    "This program offers you a complete training and understanding on all the styles of wines that you could find in France. I have been studying wines for a few years and this course gave the chance to find a lot of rich and new information on the French wine industry."
  • Laetitia Rey
    on Dec 2, 2022
    "The FWS program is by far the more in-depth course I had about French wines. As a tour guide myself, I very much appreciated the demonstration of how intertwined French history and wine culture are. "
  • Lucas Reynaud Paligot
    on Dec 1, 2022
    "Amazing program ! Waiting for my answer of my exam and already looking forward to start a new education "
  • Nicholas Poletto
    on Nov 20, 2022
    "The FWS study program is one of the most complete and coherent wine programs I have ever experienced. The additional learning tools (videos, maps, flashcards) were incredible. I have not seen an education platform with this many available resources. The teaching was easy to follow and I came away knowing so much more about French wine, history and geography. I really feel as though I am now an expert. Thank you!"
  • Nanako Yabe
    on Nov 17, 2022
    "The program is complete both in theory from the study materials and in practice with the wine tastings. All the maps are very helpful"
  • Cindy Gourlie
    on Nov 2, 2022
    "What a great program! Have taken WSET 1-3, CSW and CMS. This was by far my favorite. I really enjoyed the in depth look at history, local cuisine and deep insight into all things terroir. The course was very easy to maneuver independently . I will highly recommend this course as a supplement to other wine certifications especially with the in depth dive into regions that laid the foundation for all others. "
  • Luiz Gustavo Ams Prestes
    on Nov 1, 2022
    "I am very happy with everything that I got from a personal study from FWS course. Its a lot of new information acquired. Thank you !"
  • Serge Perrin Merinos
    on Sep 15, 2022
    "Deep dive in french wines. Very complementary to other reputed wines curriculums (e.g. WSET3). As a french citizen, I have learnt many things that the great majority of my compatriots (including wine lovers) have no clues about. "
  • Jocelyn NICOLAS
    on Aug 22, 2022
    "An exciting learning experience, with a global vision of french wines (geology, history, geography, regulations, wine industry, winemaking, wine characteristics etc...) ! Jocelyn NICOLAS, FWS"
  • Rosana Pasini
    on Aug 4, 2022
    "WSG has definetelly the best online materials for the student to study. It's clear, it's simple and shows the details of terroirs, history, wines in a very easy and lovey way. The classes are great and pleasant. I'll definetelly go on studying with WSG."
  • Celia Corigliano
    on Aug 3, 2022
    "Very satisfied. Concepts solidificated. Very good ilustration that helps the information capture."
  • Che Chun Alex Tsui
    on Jul 28, 2022
    "A top-notch qualification enabling everybody to take a deep dive into French Wines! The materials are incredibly well written and the online studying materials are very helpful as well. I especially like the recently-published list of recommended producers and appreciate that there are hundreds of high-quality wine labels presented as examples throughout the online learning module."
  • Edward Halibozek
    on Jul 26, 2022
    "Great program with excellent course material. Perhaps too much information for a short term course. "
  • Ronbenitez
    on Jul 26, 2022
    "Was fun, look forward to the next one"

Disclaimer: WSG offers wine study courses that are targeted to both beginners and those more experienced in the wine industry. While WSG has received many accolades, awards, and testimonials, WSG is not an accredited institution or school. WSG does not guarantee or warrant that any employer or school will recognize WSG wine study courses. While WSG knows that it is a well-recognized institution within the multi-national wine community, it cannot guarantee anyone success in their profession or vocation.

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