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Issue # Four - Sept. 2013

Bordeaux Storm Leaves Destruction and Hardship in its Wake

A summer hailstorm on August 2, 2013, reports WineSpectator.com, hit Entre-Deux-Mers, St.-Emilion and Castillon, stripping vines “bare of leaves and grapes” and shredding the wood “in an area that is quickly becoming southwest France’s storm alley.” Château Bonnet, a well-known estate belonging to André Lurton, saw significant damage. An area of “almost 30,000 acres of vines” was affected, half of which has suffered “more than 80 percent crop loss.” According to WS, government assistance is unlikely for growers “already walking a financial tightrope” because of the challenges facing generic Bordeaux. Véronique Barthe, owner of Château La Freynelle, says the majority of growers do not have the means to buy grapes and cannot afford insurance.


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