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Issue # Four - Sept. 2013

Chinese Investors Continue to “Snap Up” Bordeaux Properties

Chinese magnates, Decanter reports, are transforming the Bordeaux real estate market as they acquire estates “throughout the region.” The magazine claims that, according to sources, “between 40 and 50 properties” have Chinese owners. They cite Cheng Qu of the Haichang Group, who now owns eleven wine-producing estates. Decanter says that the motive of such investors is “the desire to supply increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers.” Richard Shen Dongjun, who heads Tesiro, a jewelry chain with 400 outlets, acquired Château Laulan Ducos (Médoc) in 2011. His intention was “to create a chain of stores under the name of the château” and “stop selling the wine in France.” The article suggests that the Bordelais seem generally to “welcome this influx of investment” although there are “murmurings.” Estate agent Maxwell Storrie-Baynes points out that Chinese own only 0.5% of the 8,000 châteaux in the region, saying their presence is “a blip on the radar.”


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