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Issue # One - February 2013

2012 Classification of St.-Emilion faces legal challenge

The 2012 Classification of Saint-Emilion, announced officially on October 29, 2012, is being challenged in court by three properties, reports La revue du vin de France. The three estates are Croque-Michotte, Corbin-Michotte and La Tour du Pin Figeac. The article points out that the previous classification of 2006 was annulled after it was contested by properties which had been declassified. The spokesperson for Croque-Michotte is quoted as claiming there have been “technical and legal errors.” Jean-Luc Dairien, director of the INAO, responded that the plaintiffs are free to challenge the procedures. He added, however, that this sort of legal action poses “problems of credibility, not necessarily for connoisseurs but for new consumers,” particularly in new markets such as Asia. The 2012 Classification will remain in effect until and unless the tribunal rules otherwise.

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