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Issue # One - February 2013

Wine Specator’s preliminary 2012 vintage report

Wine Spectator, in their Vintage Report 2012, offers a preliminary assessment of three French wine regions. They write that, in Bordeaux, challenges included “under-ripe grapes,” mildew and rot; nevertheless, “decent wines” could be made if yields were kept low and the fruit properly sorted. In Burgundy, the season was marked by frost, hail, poor flowering, mildew and other excesses. Yields were reduced by 30% to 50% or more. Despite these vagaries, quality in their opinion appears to be “very good” on the Côte de Beaune to “outstanding” on the Côte de Nuits. “Expect higher prices,” they advise. In the Rhône Valley, the Southern Rhône was sun-filled with drought in some localities. The Northern Rhône struggled with mildew. Harvest, though, was “marked by dry, sunny weather and well-timed rains.” Overall, the Rhône enjoyed favorable conditions and “vintners are positive.”

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