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Issue # Three - June 2013

Exploration of “minerality” contends with ambiguous definitions

In “Sensing Minerality,” Wine Business Monthly tackles “the esoteric topic of minerality and its possible cause,” presenting views of scientists and winemakers. The article cites Dwayne Bershaw of the Southern Oregon Wine Institute, whose research into “minerality” shows a correlation with “the perception of acidity.” Ann Noble, creator of the Wine Aroma Wheel – which does not include “minerality” – believes the term refers to “a combination of many attributes.”

Winemakers interviewed propose possible links with older vines and succinic acid, perceptions of which are “perhaps parallel to the mouth-feel accounts of minerality.” The author is unable to present a definitive conclusion, explaining that ambiguity in the word itself must first be resolved before “we can consider a specific cause.”

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