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Issue # Three - June 2013

Swedish manufacturer promotes biofuel from vineyard waste in France

La revue du vin de France (RVF) reports that Scania, the Swedish truck manufacturer, is promoting the development of fuel based on grape marc.

The company is quoted as claiming that this alternative fuel “represents a reduction in gas emissions of 85% compared to conventional diesel fuel,” even if emissions released by its production are taken into account. The fuel, known as ED95, is composed of 95% ethanol from the pomace of crushed grapes. Biofuels, claims the article, account for 5% of French consumption.

Alternatives to gasoline are currently obtained from sugar cane, beets and cereals; those for biodiesel come from rapeseed and soy beans. Yet, RVF underlines, reliance on these new agricultural sources is being accused of contributing to the risk of global malnutrition as well as deforestation, which heightens CO2 emissions. Bioethanol derived from grape marc is being developed by Raisinor France. Scania manufactures trucks which are compatible with high concentrations of biofuels.


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