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Issue # Three - June 2013

“War declared” in Burgundy against vine malady

Bourgogne Aujourd’hui announces that Burgundy is mobilizing against the attack of flavescence dorée, a degenerative vine malady.

Some are comparing it to a “new phylloxera.” This highly infectious bacterial disease is transmitted by a cicadelle or leafhopper. The leaves of the vine become discolored and roll up. The article reports that the malady has caused “thousands of hectares” to be pulled up in recent years in Languedoc-Roussillon, Charentes and Bordeaux. The first case in Burgundy was detected in 2004, and the infection has spread around Tournus (Saône-et-Loire). Spraying with insecticides three times during the year is obligatory. 

Organizations charged with protecting the plant have been mobilized. The mandatory use of insecticides is disturbing organic growers, who fear their certification may be jeopardized. However, the magazine points out there are products which are approved for organic viticulture (although their efficacy is not discussed).


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