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Monday, 04 May 2015 00:00

Quarterly Quiz Winner Announced

As you may know, we launched our first member-only quarterly quiz in April 2015.

Member Kirra Barnes, FWS is the winner of our first member-only, quarterly quiz and the recipient of a $250 gift certificate to the Wine Scholar Guild.

We are also pleased to acknowledge our other top scorers:
• Melanie Poupart
• Patricia Wamhoff
• Margaret Mallon Pujol, FWS
• Rhea Cook, FWS
• Valerie Caruso, FWS
• Felix Choi
• Heath Richardson, FWS
• Ned Towle, FWS
• Karen Ductor
• Heather Dougherty

While you are no longer eligible for prizes associated with this quiz, you can still test your knowledge by logging into your account online, going to “My Online Courses” and selecting “Member Quizzes” to access this archived quiz.

Our next quiz and prize package will be launched in July!

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