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The AOCs of Languedoc

The AOCs of Languedoc
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04 April 2011

An overview of the Languedoc AOCs and their vineyards (English language document)


License Agreement

The Photos, Videos and Documents contained in the Knowledge & Media Database, which are the subject of these “general terms and conditions for use”, are published and provided by the Wine Scholar Guild (WSG), within the framework of its mission to promote and educate about the Wines of France.


The purpose of this document is to set forth the terms and conditions under which:

• The WSG offers and provides its active Professional Members (users) with the contents of its Knowledge & Media Database.

• Active Professional Members are able to access and use the contents of the Knowledge & Media Database by way of the following Web site: www.winescholarguild.org.

• Professional Members must maintain their membership active by paying the membership dues into effect to remain authorized to use the photos, videos and documents contained in its Knowledge & Media Database.

These terms and conditions constitute an offer made by the WSG to contract an official agreement. Once accepted and agreed to, they shall constitute an agreement that binds the WSG and the user.

Prior to the supply of photographs, videos and documents from the Knowledge & Media Database, users shall: Acquaint themselves with the “general terms and conditions” for using the Knowledge & Media Database and acknowledge and agree to them by checking the box marked "I agree to the general terms and conditions for use", which appears on the Knowledge & Media Database access page. Failure to agree to these terms and conditions will mean that further browsing is not possible.

These general terms and conditions for use may be amended at any time.

Conditions for the use of photographs, videos and documents

The photographs, videos and documents made available on this site can be used solely and exclusively for the following purposes:

- The user’s own learning and education.
- Illustration of the user’s educational contents (such as student handouts, webpages, Powerpoint presentations, etc…).

The photographs, videos and documents shall not:

- be used in paper or online publications that are not free to access.
- be used for advertising purposes (billposting, purchases of advertising space, etc.).
- be used for marketing purposes (calendars, posters, post cards, etc.).
- be used in paper or online publications that are subject of purchases of advertising space.

The provision of photographs, videos and documents shown on this site is a matter pertaining exclusively to the WSG and is made solely to the identified user. As a result, the user shall not transfer or loan to any third party any documents that have thus been acquired, nor use them for any purposes other than those detailed above.

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Whenever photographs, videos or documents appearing on this site are used, they shall systematically be accompanied by the credit, as indicated on the site and in the following manner: “WSG-Author” . In addition, the Borrower shall respect the moral rights of the photographer or author; it is forbidden to modify these photographs, videos or documents in any way. In particular, they shall not be cropped, reworked by means of special effects or be subject to any other modification.

Acceptance of the use

WSG reserves the right to refuse or cancel the right to use photographs, videos or documents contained in its Knowledge & Media Database at any time at its own discretion. Users agree to immediately stop using photographs, videos or documents if asked by WSG.

Intellectual property

The WSG has exclusive entitlement to all intellectual property rights pertaining to the site. In accessing this site, the user does not acquire any right in respect of the said intellectual property rights.

Applicable law

These general terms and conditions are subject to laws of the District of Columbia. Any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or performance of these general terms and conditions shall come under the jurisdiction of the DC court system.

I agree to the terms listed above
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