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    Tuesday, 26 July 2022 05:51

    Wine Scholar Guild Launches WSG Studio

    Wine education, your way.

    We are thrilled to announce the arrival of WSG Studio, a digital hub featuring an extensive collection of live and on-demand wine education content! With WSG Studio, wine students of all levels can curate their own independent learning paths to complement their studies, or simply connect to stay current in their knowledge.

    Building on our rich library of recorded member events, WSG Studio features up-to-date perspectives on wine history, wine trends and regulations, regions, climate, soils, viticultural and vinicultural practices, and more. All guest presenters and panelists are experts in their fields including Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, winemakers, renowned wine journalists, and more. Hosts include Mary Kirk, WSG's Member Manager and Andrew Jefford, award-winning and renowned wine writer, among other guest hosts. 

    We chatted with Mary about how WSG Studio came about. Here's what she had to say:

    “I am thrilled that WSG Studio has been created in response to valuable feedback from our members. Our live and on-demand content has always been top notch, however WSG Studio makes it even easier to access. This hub of great educational content allows wine lovers to learn 24/7."


    Programming and event categories include:

    • WSG Live – 40+ yearly events led by leading industry specialists, always recorded for on-demand viewing
    • Meeting of the Minds – Andrew Jefford hosts a panel of key thinkers, educators, writers, and experts as they debate around current issues in the wine world
    • WSG Confidential – Andrew Jefford interviews extraordinary individuals working in today’s wine world, both those involved in creating wines as well as those involved in communication and education
    • WSG Replays – 300+ past events available for on-demand viewing

    New and improved digital features make for a user-friendly experience and include:

    • My List: your own place to keep your favorite WSG Replays, add to your queue for later viewing, or curate your own learning path to compliment your educational journey
    • Podcasts: all videos can be downloaded as audio files for podcast listening
    • WSG Team Favorites: an ever-evolving collection of the top picks from the WSG program directors and team
    • Add to Calendar: this feature allows members to easily create a calendar reminder in their local time zone as to not forget upcoming live events of interest
    • Easy Play Back: just like on your favorite streaming platforms, you can see in one glance how much you've watched and pick up where you left off


    Unrestricted access to WSG Studio is included in WSG membership which costs $100/year (that's less than $10 a month!). WSG membership also includes a myriad of other benefits and perks, including discounts on WSG study programs, leading wine books and publications, and on wine accessories. Visitors who are not WSG Members may watch one complimentary WSG Live or WSG Replay of their choice upon creation of a free account.


    To have a look at this amazing resource for wine lovers, visit WSG Studio by clicking here.

    If you're already a member, you can expect the same high-quality content as before, just with a new, easier to navigate interface.

    Not yet a member? No problem! Create a free account and you can watch one complimentary WSG Live or WSG Replay. Otherwise, become a WSG member today and gain instant access to WSG Studio and immediately benefit from the other WSG member perks and discounts! 

    This wine has high acidity, medium alcohol with medium body, and aromas of lemon, lime, and wet stones. Sound familiar? Wine tasting notes can appear strikingly similar on paper, especially when tasting a suite of comparable wines. But, as a taster, how can you differentiate them? Do we learn anything about their terroirs or production methods from this tasting note?

    WSG's Tasting Lab allows you to take your tasting skills to the next level and qualify (and not just quantify) a wine's aromatic expression and structural components. You'll also dive deeper into the wine's texture and mouthfeel, which typically gets overlooked.

    Join Caroline Hermann, MW, to explore this new interactive way of tasting that builds on your existing skills and knowledge. Caroline is one of the Masters of Wine with whom WSG collaborated to create the Advanced Analytical Tasting Grid. Caroline will walk us through this simple method during this live webinar. With a few simple clicks on your computer screen or tablet, the Advanced Analytical Tasting tool leads to a deeper understanding of wine quality.

    If you'd like to taste along and try the tool in real-time with Caroline, the following two Chablis wines can be pre-purchased in advance. WINES ARE NOT REQUIRED TO JOIN BUT ARE RECOMMENDED!

    Wine 1: Chablis Domaine Laroche Saint Pierre 2019

    Wine 2: Chablis Patrick Puize Terroir de Courgis 2020


    1. Participants in the USA can order these two wines bundled together from Zachys at a discounted WSG price of $45.00 before shipping. Please follow this link to order your wines. The discount will appear once only you've added the wines to your cart.

    2. Participants elsewhere in the world are invited to seek out these wines on Wine-Searcher by using the links below and then updating the search with the country in which you are located:

    Wine 1: Chablis Domaine Laroche Saint Martin 2019

    Wine 2: Chablis Patrick Puize Terroir de Courgis 2020

    Make sure you plan and order in advance as limited quantities and delivery may take time.

    3. If you can't find these exact wines: you can purchase an entry-level village Chablis (wine 1) and contrast this with a terroir-driven Chablis (from specific lieu-dit or premier cru ideally) from a top winemaker (wine 2).

    Lastly, if you do not have the opportunity to source the wines, you can still join in on the webinar and follow along to learn about this exciting new tasting method! 

    Presenter: Caroline Hermann MW

    Caroline Hermann MW brings a unique perspective to the wine sector with a background in alcohol beverage law, environmental law, sustainability, and international trade. She teaches Wine Scholar Guild and WSET wine and sake courses in Washington DC, focusing on tasting analysis. She was part of the team to devise the Advanced Analytical Tasting grid.

    It's official! We have launched the 7th version of the French Wine Scholar™ program!

    The updated study manual, state-of-the-art e-learning modules, and instructor resources have been carefully enhanced to create the most current program on the wines of France.

    This newest version is the product of tremendous work from our Education and E-Learning Teams, enabling us to offer students a brand-new experience of our most popular study program. Every aspect of FWS has been redesigned and conceived to engage students' critical thinking.

    We chatted with Lisa Airey, WSG Education Director, to hear more about the improvements and updates.

    "Our approach is designed to give our students a working knowledge of the material. We put the facts in context and explain why these facts are important. We want our students to understand why French wines have the structural, flavor and aromatic profiles that they do. To that end, we've built critical thinking exercises into our teaching materials and e-learning. We connect the dots. This gives our students a very comprehensive learning experience."

    Let's take a closer look at some of the exciting changes.


    Updates and Additions to the Study Manual

    The 330-page study manual has been updated and overhauled and is now available in e-book format. Focus is on current regional trends and challenges such as sustainability and climate change.

    Incorporating "fast facts," charts, and improved infographics organize key facts for ease of retention. In addition, we have included an AOC index and a glossary, previously only available for download, in print and e-book format.

    As a student of French wine, making sense of the Appellations d'Origine Controllée (AOCs) can be daunting, especially as other sources often quote different figures. Therefore, the study manual focuses more on AOCs and includes a comprehensive resource explaining how they are counted and how to find your way around the differences.

    Innovations in E-Learning and Additional Resources

    Learning is now more active with new digital tools bringing the learning experience to life. Features include:

    • Interactive aerial videos of vineyard areas bringing wine regions to life
    • Regional quizzes
    • A 50-question practice exam with answer key
    • Revised e-flashcards
    • Downloadable and blank practice maps

    Another invaluable addition to the resources is a producer compendium. We firmly believe that producer knowledge is vital to any wine journey and will round out students' "book smarts." Furthermore, the collection gives students a starting point from which they can launch their vinous explorations.

    Becoming a French Wine Scholar Has Never Been So Interactive

    Overall, the program's redesign facilitates knowledge retention and keeps learning fresh and stimulating at every step of the course. We believe that learning about wine is more than memorizing a list of facts. We aim to give wine enthusiasts and professionals the tools and resources necessary to discuss and understand the French Wine landscape with confidence and authority with the FWS Program.

    Want to learn more about becoming a French Wine Scholar? There are three ways to become one!

    On April 13, WSG members, alumni and school network had the chance to discover WSG Tasting Lab™. This revolutionary way of tasting wine uses two distinct tasting grids and a lexicon created by WSG and wine industry experts that focus on a wine’s mouthfeel, texture and shape and how these elements might relate to the wines’ terroir signature.

    The following two wines were tasted during this exciting webinar:

    Domaine Marcel Deiss Grasberg 2016
    Domaine Marcel Deiss Engelgarten 2018

    What are our intentions and next steps for Tasting Lab™? WSG is in the process of developing a complete wine tasting course that takes a deep dive into the subject of neuroscience and how our brain perceives smell and taste. Stay tuned for more details!

    In the short-term, we also plan to release Tasting Lab™ our members as a self-service tool to allow you to taste alone or with friends in the same room or remotely. We also will release the tool to our network of over 100 schools located throughout the world so it can be used in conjunction with WSG programs, regional masterclasses or other wine courses.

    As always, our tools and research are very much works in progress. Your feedback and questions are welcome and help us shape our programs and offerings to better suit your interests and needs.

    Presenter: Julien Camus

    In 2005, Julien Camus founded the French Wine Society, an organization dedicated to the promotion of French wine and culture through education. French Wine Society has since been rebranded as Wine Scholar Guild, the world’s leading provider of specialized certification programs on the wines of France, Italy and Spain. WSG has a school network spanning 30 countries and 5 continents and also provides its members with update to date news and food for thought through its weekly webinars hosted by leading industry experts.

    Julien holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a major in International Marketing from the Strasbourg Management School. Since 2021, he has been teaching tasting as part of the University of Strasbourg’s degree in GeoSensorial Tasting. The Tasting Labs project stems from Julien’s desire to go above and beyond traditional ways of tasting. Tasting Lab empowers students of wine to take things to the next level and seeks to give terroir-driven and artisan wines a true voice.


    The wine and spirits industry offers some of the most amazing opportunities in the job market. In fact, it has often been said that this particular career path is also a lifestyle. Do you have the personality and skill set to find success within this field? Find out!

    Join Pam Kindel Connors of Cuvée Consulting for a four-part series on choosing a path within this industry and the tools that are necessary to rise within its ranks. This series will give you tips to strengthen your skill set whether you are new to the industry, trying to switch career tracks within it, or trying to enter the industry from another field or endeavor altogether. Join us!

    Saturday, April 9, 11 a.m. ET

    Engage Your Career Compass

    Session Brief: Whether you are a beginner, looking for that next promotion, or even changing careers, the wine & spirits industry offers some of the most diverse & exciting career opportunities available worldwide. In this session you will discover the many industry career paths from which to choose and the core skill sets required. You will gain valuable information on how to invest in yourself by gaining these skill sets through education, certification and on-the-job experience.

    Saturday, April 23, 11 a.m. ET

    A Day in the Life of a Wine & Spirits Sales Consultant

    Session Brief: The wine & spirits sales consultant remains a very popular career choice for those new to the industry as well as the seasoned professionals within it. We will take you on a journey to discover the average day for a distributor sales consultant, retail sales consultant, and the importer / brand manager sales consultant. Discover the skill sets that are required for each role, the certifications to get you there, and the opportunities for growth.

    Saturday, May 14, 11 a.m. ET

    A Day in the Life of a Food & Beverage Director, Sommelier and Wine Director

    Session Brief: At the heart of hospitality lies three very important wine & spirits professionals: the food & beverage director, sommelier, and wine director. Although traditionally separate jobs, today’s economy is often combining these roles into one position. We will take a deep dive into what a typical day looks like for each position and hear a few testimonials highlighting the steps individuals have taken to achieve professional success.

    Saturday, May 28, 11 a.m. ET

    A Day in the Life of a Wine Educator, Writer, and Blogger

    Session Brief: Without these esteemed positions we would not have the educational framework available today to train our new and existing wine & spirits hospitality professionals. We will look at the journey, passion, dedication, and hard work that guided the educator, writer and blogger to their dream jobs.


    Once again, the WSG is delighted to announce our support for The Taylor’s Port Golden Vines Diversity Scholarships in association with Liquid Icons and the Gerard Basset Wine Education Charitable Foundation. Applicants can apply online at: https://liquidicons.com/work/the-taylors-port-golden-vines-diversity-scholarships

    The application window for the 2022 scholarships is open until Friday 8 April 2022.

    The Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) is proud to sponsor 10 Golden Vines® WSG Scholarships in 2022, awarded by the judging panel from students applying for the Taylor’s Port Golden Vines® Diversity and Golden Vines® Master of Wine & Master Sommelier Scholarships.

    The Taylor’s Port Golden Vines® Diversity Scholarship, Internship & Mentorship Programme is for aspiring black and ethnic minority students wishing to undertake the Masters of Wine (MW) and Master Sommelier (MS) programmes – open to candidates from all over the world. These scholarships, worth up to £55,000 for each scholar, will cover the entirety of their course and examination costs, as well as loss of earnings during their work placement internships.

    The Internship programme includes a set of diversified work experiences with some of the world’s top wine domaines and spirit distilleries: Bodega Catena Zapata, Castiglion del Bosco, Château Cheval Blanc, Château d’Yquem, Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte, Lapostolle Clos Apalta, Colgin Cellars, Dom Pérignon, Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux, Domaine Baron Thénard, Domaine des Lambrays, Domaine Laroche, Klein Constantia, Lawrence Wine Estates (Heitz Cellars, Stony Hill Vineyard, Ink Grade Estate and Burgess Cellars), Liber Pater, Marchesi Antinori, Opus One, Ruinart, Symington Family Estates, Taylor’s Port, The Macallan Distillery, Vilafonté, Vina Vik, Weingut Egon Müller. In addition, Amorim Cork, Annabel’s Private Members Club, the Kedge Wine School, Octavian Wine Vaults, the OIV, UC Davis Department of Enology & Viticulture, and the WOW Wine School (Porto) will also provide academic courses or work experience opportunities for the winning scholars.

    In addition to the 3x Taylor’s Port Golden Vines® Scholarships, 4x Golden Vines® Master of Wine & Master Sommelier Scholarships will also be awarded by the judging panel. The Master of Wine & Master Sommelier Scholarship Programme is also for aspiring black and ethnic minority scholarships and are worth £12,500 each to cover the entirety of their course and examination costs for the Master of Wine or Master Sommelier programmes. 

    The winners of The Taylor’s Port Golden Vines® Diversity Scholarships will receive their awards at the 2022 Golden Vines® Awards Ceremony to be held in Florence, Italy from Friday 14 until Monday 17 October 2022. At the ceremony, The Golden Vines® Awards will be awarded to the world’s best fine wine producers as voted by leading members of the global fine wine industry in the Gérard Basset Global Fine Wine Report produced by Liquid Icons, with polling opening on 7 March 2021.

    Did you enjoy reading our Great Debate blog on The Language of Wine, Tasting Notes & Scores with Andrew Jefford and Dr. William Kelley? 

    If so, now it is your chance to HAVE YOUR SAY with our two debaters.

    We are following up their written debate with a live one airing on Wednesday, February 23, and encourage you to share your opinion or ask them your question directly. No matter where you stand on the issue of tasting notes and wine criticism, this is the chance for you to make your voice heard!

    Register for this FREE event:

    The challenge of how we might best describe wine aromas and flavours continues to fascinate wine students and enthusiasts alike: this is your chance to question both a wine-writing veteran and one of the most talented of the new generation of wine critics about their work in this field  The scoring of wines is now universally practised and the use of scores as a sale aid is ubiquitous.  Is this a good thing -- or does it impoverish wine culture?  Can we trust scores?  Is there score inflation at work, and if so how can we re-set scores to optimise their usefulness?  More broadly, can we trust wine journalists and wine critics to work ethically?

    Take a look at the debate again and share your questions and thoughts. In order to make the most of the live debate, you can leave a comment below or DM on the Great Debate post on Instagram or Facebook with your question or comment at before the live debate.

    There also will be plenty of chances to post your opinions or questions on the day of the live debate via the chat box.

    Get involved and Have your Say -- Andrew and William are looking forward to hearing from you!

    If you are not a WSG member, you can register for the event using the form below:

    Instructions on how to access this live webinar will be emailed to all registered participants prior to the webinar.

    READ "THE GREAT DEBATE: The Language of Wine, Tasting Notes & Scores with Andrew Jefford and William Kelley" FULL ARTICLE HERE

    Wine tasting is an unique perceptual experience which endeavors to unify the numerous molecules present in the wine (and the elements around the wine) into an meaningful representation in our mind. Wine tasting often focuses on the object of the experience, that is to say the wine and its enological components. But we rarely consider the experience of wine tasting with a phenomenological approach, which aims at examining the process of perception itself, and the intentionality of such experience.

    Gathering leading specialists in aroma, neuroscience, enology and wine judging, this second season of the Science of Wine Tasting (SOWT) will invite us to step back from our tasting routines to better disentangle the process of wine tasting and open new sensory and descriptive horizons.

    Watch Gabriel Lepousez PhD, Neuroscientist presenting the general framework for the SOWT, notably discussing the main steps of perception —from molecular detection to verbalization—, as well as some perceptual principles to unveil the challenges when evaluating, pairing and communicating about wine.



    The Science of Wine Tasting Series is designed to help students of wine sharpen their tasting skills and master the latest scientific advancements in wine chemistry and sensory evaluation.

    Join Gabriel Lepousez, PhD, Francois Chartier, Nick Jackson MW and Dr. Jamie Goode for a series of live webinars, each focusing on a specific aspect of wine evaluation.

    You may register for each segment individually or for the entire 4-part series, including a wrap-up “Meeting of the Minds” live panel discussion with all presenters and moderated by WSG Academic Advisor, Andrew Jefford.

    Season 2 starts on Feb. 14, 2022. There is no need to have participated in Season 1 to enroll for this new series! REGISTER NOW


    Gabriel Lepousez is a French neuroscientist and an international expert on sensory perception and brain plasticity. He received his doctorate in Neuroscience from the Paris Sorbonne University, and hold a research position at Institut Pasteur in the Perception and Memory Lab.

    For more than fifteen years, Gabriel Lepousez has been exploring the function of brain circuits involved in sensory perception, memory and emotions, uncovering the key role of neuronal plasticity in olfactory learning and perception.

    As a wine passionate, Gabriel also offers his scientific expertise to the world of wine education, sharing his extensive knowledge of the brain, this essential “tool” for wine tasting. In addition to international lectures and contribution to wine education programs, he has co-founded in 2016 L’Ecole du Nez, a neuro-sensory training for wine professionals to understand how the brain works during wine tasting and how to improve our sensory performance.


    The Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) has initiated an ambitious undertaking aimed at developing a new way to assess wine: the Architecture of Taste Research Project (ATRP)

    The Architecture of Taste Research Project aspires to find a way to empower the individual to taste and describe wine with an enriched and universal lexicon that not only dives deeper into assessing the qualities of a wine’s building blocks but also into the nature of a wine’s personality and, where relevant, its corresponding terroir signature.

    Just as significantly, the research project aims to develop a new set of assessment criteria that uses the body’s own reflexive reactions as a tuning fork to capture a wine’s inherent signal—a message that incorporates not only sensory perceptions but also perceived energy, the emotions it triggers and evocative elements that, once again, might link a wine to “place.”

    We are so thrilled to announce our 2022 Wine Study Tour dates and look forward to seeing you back in the vineyards of France, Italy and Spain!

    We have scheduled your favorite destinations and added some exciting new ones as well!

    Announcing trips, dates and tour instructors we have planned for you in 2022:

    2022 SPRING TOURS:

    PIEDMONT with Kerin O'Keefe 
    MAY 22 - 27, 2022

    CATALUNYA with Rick Fisher 
    MAY 29 - JUNE 3, 2022

    SICILY with Kerin O'Keefe 
    JUNE 5 - 10, 2022

    CHAMPAGNE with Essi Avellan MW 
    JUNE 14 - 18, 2022

    LOIRE with Pascaline Lepeltier MS 
    JUNE 19 - 24, 2022

    2022 FALL TOURS:

    BORDEAUX with Andrew Jefford
    OCTOBER 9 - 14, 2022

    BOURGOGNE with Andrew Jefford
    OCTOBER 16 - 21, 2022

    RHÔNE VALLEY with Andrew Jefford 
    OCTOBER 23 - 29, 2022

    If you’d like to join us, please add your name, email address and the destination you are interested in to receive more information when registration opens in September:

    For those of you who were registered for the 2020 tours which were cancelled due to COVID as well as WSG Members, rest assured...you will benefit from priority booking.

    Looking forward to seeing you back on a WSG wine study trip!

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