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    Some of what we've learned on wine marketing

    Last month, Paul Wagner, president of Balzac Communications, delivered  our members a masterful webinar on WINE MARKETING. And you do not have to be a winemaker to enjoy it and learn from it!

    As always, the video recording of this past webinar is available for members to replay on-demand.

    This webinar focused on “What the US wine market really is, what it really wants…”

    It was followed by a second webinar,  this time giving solutions to the marketing problems he presented last month!

    For those who’ve missed his first presentation, here is a condensed version:

    Issue 1: The US wine market today

    {mp4-flv width="640" height="360"}marketingexecerpt1{/mp4-flv}

    Issue 2: The US is not ONE market

    {mp4-flv width="640" height="360"}Mktgex2{/mp4-flv}

    Issue 3: The market is saturated

    {mp4-flv width="640" height="360"}MktgEx3{/mp4-flv}


    Paul started with how to market your wine to the Trade:

    {mp4-flv width="640" height="360"}MktgEx4{/mp4-flv}

    To watch the entire recording and learn "how to market your wine to consumers", join the Wine Scholar Guild

    To watch excerpts of Paul's second webinar, visit:


    As always, the video recording of this past webinar is available for members to replay on-demand.

    This webinar focused on “What the US wine market really is, what it really wants…”.

    This Friday at 8:00 pm EST Paul will present a second webinar, this time giving his creative answers to the fascinating diagnosis he laid out last month!

    If you are still not a member of the FWS, stop thinking about it and JOIN TODAY.

    These 2 webinars alone, out of the 24 you can attend as a member over the course of a year, would probably make you feel your membership dues were well spent!

    For those who’ve missed his first presentation, here is a condensed version of Paul’s Wine Marketing Webinar – Part 1:

    Issue 1: The US wine market today:

    • It is now the largest wine market in the world!
    • Millenials drive the growth.
    • There are 70 million millenials today. 20 millions are about to turn 21.
    • Imagine the potential for wine consumption!

    BUT, they are totally different from past generations.

    Do you want to learn more?


    Issue 2: The US is not ONE market

    • Consumers can be classified in 6 groups.
    • They all have specific needs and need to be addressed differently.

    Learn about what each category want to know about wine!


    Issue 3: The market is saturated

    • There are 60.000 wines in the US Market
    • In many states there are only 2 or 3 major distributors
    • The Three Tier System is a broken telephone
    • Today, most distributors have become fulfillment houses, not brand builders.

    If you want to sell wine, if you want to build a brand… DO IT YOURSELF

    Start learning how…



    Bordeaux Master - Preview of the History Webinar

    This is a 10 minute preview of the first of a series of 20 webinars included in the Wine Scholar Guild's Bordeaux Master-Level Program.

    It was presented live by Dewey Markham Jr., lead instructor, on Tuesday, March 1, 12 noon EST


    Missed the launch of the program? You can still join!

    All past webinars are recoded as videos for you to watch on demand! Join ASAP and start catching up!

     {youtubejw width="640" height="480"}t-A0fkuMsZA{/youtubejw}  

    view full-screen on youtube


    Webinar abstract: Getting to know Bordeaux means getting a handle on the region's long and rich history! This presentation introduces the characters and circumstances that led to the decisions which shaped the wines' style, their popularity and their commercial destiny.

    A few testimonials from our students:


    "The webinar was really insightful and chock full of information. [...] Thanks Dewey for you time. You are so knowledgeable obviously but you present in a way that is enjoyable and exciting for your audience. Looking forward to the replay - there was so much in this first webinar, I will watch it again. Thanks!"

      Jeanne S.
    "Thank you Dewey for such a clear, organized explanation of Bordeaux history. You presented detailed historical information I had never heard. You also were extremely clear about the consequences of historical events."!"


      Jo-Ann R.
    "I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the webinar.  Just when I thought I couldn't learn anymore, there you go giving me more wonderful information.  I look forward to the next one with great anticipation."!"


      Deborah S.

    Missed the launch of the program? You can still join!

    All past webinars are recoded as videos for you to watch on demand! Join ASAP and start catching up!


    SF Wine School success stories & testimonials

    San Francisco Wine School Students Testimonials!

    80% of SF Wine School students have passed the FWS exam as of January 2011!

    Here’s what some of them have said about them:

    “I thoroughly enjoyed learning about French wines at the San Francisco Wine School. As I created and operate several French brasseries, I thought that I understood French wine quite well. This course gave me much greater insight and I learned that there is a French wine that is the perfect accompaniment for every food. We sampled lovely wines and the curriculum presented a story that we will share with our guests. I was so enthused with the instructors and their presentations that a half a dozen of my employees are attending the next series of classes.”
    Ed Levine
    Left Bank Brasseries

    “Highly recommended! The instructors at San Francisco Wine School are very knowledgeable and a joy to learn from. I was impressed by how they delivered the in-depth curriculum in a very understandable manner, all the while sharing insights into the regions that made classes unique and entertaining. This class is essential for anyone with a passion for French wine!”
    S. Manning

    “I highly recommend this class for anyone in the wine industry! The instructors are well informed and adept at presenting the material in an understandable and comprehensible manner. The curriculum is more in-depth and not encyclopedia like making the information more translatable to a restaurant floor with insights to the regions themselves provided by the instructors. Definitely a must for industry and French wine lovers alike!”
    Rachel D.
    Restaurant Professional

    “San Francisco wine school provides a fantastic class that gets to the heart of all the major French Wine Regions. The instructors have the knowledge and passion for French Wines that exudes through each class. The combination of their in depth knowledge of each region and the detailed tastings of their representative wines make this a must-take class to improve your French wine education.”

    K. Baierlein

    Click here to view the San Francisco Wine School's current FWS program offerings.


    FWS Bordeaux guest instructors interviewed on IWineRadio!

     Lynn Krielow Chamberlain of IWineRadio interviews two of our Bordeaux Master-Level Program instructors, both MWs!

    Interview of Roger Bohmrich MW

    Interview of Joel Butler MW


    More on IWineRadio.com


    Roger Bohmrich MW about Bordeaux Master-Level program

    Listen to what Roger Bohmrich MW, guest instructor on the program had to say on a radio interview about our program!

    To listen to the complete interview, click here.

    For more information about our Bordeaux Master-Level Program, click here.


    Jingle Those Bells!!! FWS in the News


    The Wine Scholar Guild and its educational programs are in the news!  Both France magazine and The French Wine Examiner have put us in print or on the cyber-information highway.


    This from The French Wine Examiner…


    "… if you are seeking information on and education about French wines, at either the enthusiast or professional level, the best single source in the United States is the Wine Scholar Guild.
    Founded by Julien Camus as a not-for-profit organization to fill what he perceived as a profound and timely need for information, communication and definitive up-to-the-minute education about French wines, spirits, foods and culture, the FWS has developed into an amazingly effectual force in an amazingly short period of time."

    For the complete story, go to:  http://www.examiner.com/french-wine-in-national/the-french-wine-society


    And this from France Magazine…

    “Anyone seeking a more serious wine education than uncorking a bottle at home would do well to consider the French Wine Scholar program…”

    Seen In France Magazine

    For more information about France Magazine: http://www.francemagazine.org/


    Rhône Manual updated and improved

    Rhone ManualThe Rhône Master-Level study manual has been updated and improved.

    In addition to incorporating changes that have occurred regarding the Rasteau and Grignon Lès Adhémar AOCs, there are now geological schematics of each of the 16 Crus that address the complex soil composition of each appellation in detail.

    These very accurate graphics not only paint a sub-surface picture but also introduce new soil terminology which is reflected in the updated glossary.

    In addition, you can now sit for the Rhône Master Level exam online! The reformatted exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions (50 points), 10 map identification exercises (10 points), and 5 essay questions (40 points).

    More information about the Rhône Master-Level Program



    French Wine Scholar


    French Wine Scholar

    The most comprehensive study program on France bar none!

    The French Wine Scholar Study and Certification program provides current, accurate and in-depth information on the wines and wine regions of France. Follow the French Wine Scholar in classroom near your home or online through our acclaimed e-learning platform.

    Master-Level Programs

    Become a recognized specialist in the French wine region(s) of your choice!

    Learn from Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers and award winning authors and area experts. Study with up-to-date study materials and exiting on-demand lectures.

    Earn French Wine Scholar Alsace Master-Level program


    Provides practical and valuable benefits not found elsewhere!

    Designed for wine professionals and wine lovers, our membership allows you to dig deeper into the diverse world of French wines. For only $100, the FWS membership gives you a year’s worth of wine education and enjoyment: exclusive live member webinars each month, a quarterly wine chronical that summarizes the latest news in the world of French wine, discounts on all education programs plus access to French pronunciation exercises, webinar and resource libraries!

    Wine tasting Webinar food & wine pairing webinar Vinicultural science webinar

    French Wine Immersion Study Trips

    Provide professional-level instruction in situ coupled with a certificate program

    Experiencing a FWS immersion trip is the best way to complete your French wine education. Each trip is led by an internationally renowned expert and includes high-caliber wine tastings, vineyards tours,, memorable meals, insider producer visits with top estates and more.


    New French Wine Scholar Program offered in New York!

    Starting Wednesday, April 21st, 2010, In the Grape, Inc. will be the first New York - wine education organization to offer the French Wine Scholar seminar series & certification exam.

    French Wine Scholar study and certification program is geared for members of the wine trade and serious wine hobbyists; it is designed to test for proficiency in the wines and wine regions of France. It is endorsed by the National French Wine Office and by U.S. Importers of French Wine as well.

    Intermediate to advanced students of wine who follow this in-depth curriculum and pass the exam will earn the French Wine Scholar (FWS) post-nominal.

    The French Wine Scholar curriculum is comprised of eight 2 hour classes: Alsace, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire, Rhône, Southern France.

    An average of 6-8 wines will be tasted per class.

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