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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 16:10

Rhône Manual updated and improved

Rhone ManualThe Rhône Master-Level study manual has been updated and improved.

In addition to incorporating changes that have occurred regarding the Rasteau and Grignon Lès Adhémar AOCs, there are now geological schematics of each of the 16 Crus that address the complex soil composition of each appellation in detail.

These very accurate graphics not only paint a sub-surface picture but also introduce new soil terminology which is reflected in the updated glossary.

In addition, you can now sit for the Rhône Master Level exam online! The reformatted exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions (50 points), 10 map identification exercises (10 points), and 5 essay questions (40 points).

More information about the Rhône Master-Level Program


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