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Friday, 12 January 2018 14:00

2017 Instructors and Program Providers of the Year Announced!

The Wine Scholar Guild is pleased to annonced the winners of its Instructor and Program Provider of the Year Awards.

Instructor of the Year is an award of excellence recognizing creative and effective classroom instruction for the French or Italian Wine Scholar study & certification programs. The recipient is selected based upon outstanding presentation skills, organization and conviviality —all talents reflected in stellar student evaluations. 

Program Provider of the Year rewards professionalism and perfectionism in the business of wine education and delivery of the French or Italian Wine Scholar study & certification programs. Judging criteria includes student volume, facilities, student evaluations and the overall profile of the course offerings given by that learning institution.  These factors, together, create an award-winning environment of academic rigor and excellence.

2017 French Wine Scholar™ (FWS) Instructor of the Year!

Lim Hwee Peng CWE, FWS (Singapore)

Founder & Head Coach, Lim Hwee Peng Sch of Wine c/o WineCraft Marketing & Services in Singapore, is a full-fledged wine service provider. In his role as a wine tutor, he desires to nurture a growing number of certified wine professionals through international wine certification programs that his wine school hosts in Singapore and South East Asia. Despite being a graduate of multiple international and professional wine certified programs, Lim remains a committed student of wines as he continues acquiring intimate knowledge of the wine world through regional visits. Read more...

2017 French Wine Scholar™ (FWS) Program Provider of the Year

West London Wine School (London, UK)

West London Wine School was established in 2009 and within nine years has become one of the UK’s leading wine education facilities with over 5000 students per year. We have been twice nominated as WSET Riedel Educator of the Year, and once been a winner as part of the Local Wine School network in 2015, which places us in the top 1% of WSET educators in the world. Read more...

2017 Italian Wine Scholar™ (IWS) Instructor of the Year!

Chris Miller (San Francisco, CA)


In addition to his sales and marketing experience, Chris has taught for various wine schools and for private clients, worked on Sommelier teams at events such as the Masters of Food and Wine, the Pebble Beach Food and Wine, the World of Pinot and the California Culinary Institute, and has crafted and consulted on numerous restaurant wine programs. Read more...

2017 Italian Wine Scholar™ (IWS) Program Provider of the Year!

Independent Wine Education Guild - IWEG (Toronto, ON)

IWEG Drinks Academy is the original and only Canadian school to offer all programs and qualifications of the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) - including the flagship “Level 4 Diploma” program - leading to internationally recognized certification in Wine, Spirits and Sake. IWEG is the recipient of the prestigious WSET Lifetime Achievement Award for spearheading establishment of the WSET programme in Canada and for excellence in wine and spirit education since 1977. IWEG also offers the Wine Scholar Guild's French Wine Scholar (FWS) and Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) courses. Read more...


Previous Years WSG Awards:

  • 2016 WSG Program Provider of the Year: Art Institute of Vancouver (Vancouver, CAN)
  • 2016 WSG Instructor the Year: Sheral Schowe, M.Ed., FWS, IWS (Salt Lake City, USA)
  • 2015 WSG Program Provider of the Year: AWSEC (Hong Kong, HKG)
  • 2015 WSG Instructor the Year: David Glancy MS, FWS (San Francisco, USA)

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