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Monday, 28 February 2011 22:50

SF Wine School success stories & testimonials

San Francisco Wine School Students Testimonials!

80% of SF Wine School students have passed the FWS exam as of January 2011!

Here’s what some of them have said about them:

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning about French wines at the San Francisco Wine School. As I created and operate several French brasseries, I thought that I understood French wine quite well. This course gave me much greater insight and I learned that there is a French wine that is the perfect accompaniment for every food. We sampled lovely wines and the curriculum presented a story that we will share with our guests. I was so enthused with the instructors and their presentations that a half a dozen of my employees are attending the next series of classes.”
Ed Levine
Left Bank Brasseries

“Highly recommended! The instructors at San Francisco Wine School are very knowledgeable and a joy to learn from. I was impressed by how they delivered the in-depth curriculum in a very understandable manner, all the while sharing insights into the regions that made classes unique and entertaining. This class is essential for anyone with a passion for French wine!”
S. Manning

“I highly recommend this class for anyone in the wine industry! The instructors are well informed and adept at presenting the material in an understandable and comprehensible manner. The curriculum is more in-depth and not encyclopedia like making the information more translatable to a restaurant floor with insights to the regions themselves provided by the instructors. Definitely a must for industry and French wine lovers alike!”
Rachel D.
Restaurant Professional

“San Francisco wine school provides a fantastic class that gets to the heart of all the major French Wine Regions. The instructors have the knowledge and passion for French Wines that exudes through each class. The combination of their in depth knowledge of each region and the detailed tastings of their representative wines make this a must-take class to improve your French wine education.”

K. Baierlein

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