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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 10:17

The French Wine Scholar Program launches in Asia!

The Wine Scholar Guild is very excited to welcome Wine & Co. as its first French Wine Scholar program provider in Asia.

Based in Singapore, Wine & Co. is dedicated to providing pleasurable wine experiences for all and global accreditation programs for trade professionals.

Yong Siang CHING, the principal consultant and trainer at Wine & Co. is very excited to launch FWS in Singapore. As the first person in Asia to receive the FWS post-nominal, he sees tremendous potential for others who wish to explore and gain in-depth knowledge about the wines and wine regions of France.

As trainer at Wine & Co, CHING is glad to see more and more people taking up formalized wine courses; he believes in providing the best quality education and service. With high expectations and standards set for the team, Wine & Co. is known for its strong dynamics and innovation making it the leading wine educator in Singapore.

Having ten years of wine industry and wine travel experience, CHING has witnessed  major changes within the Asian wine market.

“French wine, being the most respected wine product in the world, has experienced much evolution and change in market trends over the years. The global wine market focus has shifted to Asia, especially in the fine wine arena, predominantly with regard to investment and collecting.” CHING says.

Along with many other wine professionals, CHING is confident of the growth potential of wine education and services in Asia. “In the past few years, many people in Asia have jumped into the business without knowing much about wine. In the beginning, they did not feel the need to understand wine.  Now, with the growing literacy levels of the younger consumers,   the trade has to get educated to stay ahead.”

“We think that this is the right time to introduce an in-depth curriculum like FWS to Asia,” states CHING. “In fact, with significant purchasing power in the emerging market in the Asian-Pacific Region,  FWS could not have arrived at a better time. It is not only great news to individuals who want to equip themselves with solid knowledge about French Wine, but also to fine wine trading companies aiming to provide their staff with serious training in order to provide a better and more relevant expertise to their customers”.

CHING also sees the FWS as a culture bridge between the glorious traditions of French terrior and the energetic young Asian market.  “We are proud to be the first one to build such a culture bridge to encourage more and more people to join us in the magnificent world of wines.”

For more information about WinenCo, please visit there website at

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