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Wednesday, 06 April 2016 05:00

Video: The Viticultural History of the Rhône Valley

Our Rhône Master-Level program just launched with a first webinar on the Rhône Valley's viticultural history, presented by Louis Barruol, 14th generation Gigondas winemaker at Chateau Saint-Cosme.

Louis' vineyard and winery represent a living past and a modern-day treasure. His family has been unearthing 2000-year old tools and statues on their property since they purchased it in the 15th century. The winery cellar itself was carved out of rock by the Romans.

In a webinar that is part show-and-tell/part fireside-chat, we journey from the beginning of viticulture in the Rhône valley to the phylloxera epidemic while learning the forces that have shaped agriculture over the millennia.
If you think the Romans can be credited for viticulture in southern France, think again! 
Have you ever wondered how people made wine and sold it 2000 years ago? Louis explains it!
If you think you have heard the phylloxera story a million times and know it all, you are in for a surprise!
Don’t miss this fabulous presentation, it’s only available for free for 7 days. See the video below

Missed the launch of the program? No worries! You can easily catch up! All live webinars are recorded as a video and mp3 podcast and are available for on-demand replay!



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