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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 15:55

Wine Scholar Guild Top Exam Scorers for 2017

The Wine Scholar Guild is excited to announce the list of 2017 top exam scorers from around the world!

  • French Wine Scholar™: Riccardo Vanossi, FWS - 100 pts (Milano, Italy)
  • Italian Wine Scholar™: Chia-Jui Tsai, FWS, IWS - 99.5 pts (Taipei City, Taiwan)
  • Bordeaux Master-Level: Jeffrey G. Jones - 100 pts (Indianapolis IN, USA)
  • Bourgogne Master-Level: Bruce Smoller, FWS - 98 pts (Rochester NY, USA)
  • Champagne Master-Level: Andrew Belcher, FWS - 96 pts (Uxbridge, UK)
  • Rhône Master-Level: Erika Frey, FWS - 100 pts (Boston MA, USA)
  • Provence Master-Level: Jackie Ang, FWS - 98 pts (Oxford, UK)
  • Alsace Master-Level: Kari Dawson - 92 pts (Charlotte NC, USA)


Learn more about our recent high scorers and browse their testimonials.

We also would like to wave our hat to the following three individuals:

  • Nancy Reynolds, FWS, IWS (Toronto ON, Canada)
  • Rose-Anne St. Jean, FWS, IWS (Toronto ON, Canada)
  • Donald McEachern, FWS, IWS (Park Ridge IL, USA)

For having passed ALL programs currently offered by the Wine Scholar Guild, more often than not with highest honors:

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