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Tuesday, 04 July 2017 08:19

A new "Wine Scholar Guild Study Group" now live on Facebook !

Dear WSG Students,

A new "Wine Scholar Guild Study Group" is now live on Facebook!

In today’s spirit of collaborative study, the Wine Scholar Guild created a group study page for students who wish to share study tips and self-created quiz questions on our certification programs.

The main objective of the group is to create a new way to speak and share with the “WSG student community”!

On this group, you can:

  • Exchange on study tips and strategies 
  • Post/answer questions to/from fellow WSG students
  • Share cheat sheets, flash cards, quiz questions, graphics and more 
  • Form study & tasting groups, meet ups, etc… 
  • Be alerted when new learning tools are released by WSG such as the brand new Flash Cards for the French Wine Scholar program


Just know that this site will be a community-based, self-guided group with no official endorsement on our part. There is no WSG monitor to vet questions or guarantee accuracy and we will not be suggesting this page as a study assist. It is purely community-based and will have a life of its own should you wish to get involved. It is important that you know this upfront.


To join the Wine Scholar Guild Study Group on Facebook, follow this link:

This is a closed group. Only accepted members of the group will have access to posts, files or any other content posted on this group.


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See you on the Facebook group ! :) 



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