The Science of Wine Tasting

The Science of Wine Tasting Series Season 2 is now available on Replay!

The Science of Wine Tasting Series is designed to help students of wine sharpen their tasting skills and master the latest scientific advancements in wine chemistry and sensory evaluation.

It is composed of four segments, each focusing on a specific aspect of wine evaluation:

Each segment is composed of three replays presentations.


François Chartier will address the aromatic science of molecular harmonies and their role in food and wine matching. Through case studies in aging regimens and red and white grape varieties, you will learn how to gauge a wine’s aromatic DNA to create synergies that heighten the perfect food match.

This program is ideal for sommeliers and chefs, as for waitstaff, distributor sales personnel, wine professionals, and anyone who needs (or wants) to expertly pair wine and food to make both show to their best advantage.



The strength of an experienced wine taster is knowledge of self and his or her senses. In this three-part series, Gabriel Lepousez will explore cutting-edge research in sensory perception so that wine professionals may describe wine with precise and communicable descriptors, discover the strengths and weaknesses of brain sensory processes, and learn to combine both analytical, global and emotional approaches to wine tasting so that all “viewing angles” enrich and empower their wine analysis.

This series is designed for food and wine professionals, wine judges, wine educators, wine and food journalists and anyone who relies on their senses to assess, evaluate, critique and/or write about wine and food.


Jamie Goode will present a well-rounded and measured valuation of all the elements that factor into wine evaluation: the physiology, psychology, and neurobiology of flavour perception, the art of accurately describing our sensory perceptions, the issue of tasting expertise and the subjectivity and objectivity of wine assessment. By focusing on the process, you will be much more aware of the importance of your senses and word choice when evaluating and describing wine.

This is an excellent tutorial for wine professionals and wine judges who need to hone a discriminating palate.


Expanding on the principles in his book Beyond Flavour, Nick Jackson MW will discuss wine structure (acid structure in white wines and tannin structure in red wines) and wine 'construction': how fruit, structural components and other elements combine to create a distinctive taste impression.

This seminar series is ideal for all students of wine, especially CWE, MS and MW candidates, wine judges, wine writers, wine educators and serious wine hobbyists who would like to hone their analytical assessment skills.


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