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Grand Auxerrois with Ola Bergman

Grand Auxerrois with Ola Bergman

Beyond Chablis, presented by Ola Bergman of Bergman's Bourgogne

Before phylloxera, Chablis and the wine producing villages that surround it (Saint-Bris-le-Vineux, Irancy, Coulanges-la-Vineuse, Chitry-le-Fort, Joigny, Tonnerre, Epineuil and Vézelay) was the largest wine producing area in France.
In three short years, from 1877 to 1880, production dropped from from 2,802,853 hectolitres of wine to 194,755 hectoliters – a 93 percent drop!

Chablis managed to recover, but the rest of the region remains a sleeping giant.
Learn the history and find out if there is to be a phoenix rising midst the ashes.

About the presenter: Ola Bergman

Living in Sweden, Ola Bergman is in love with Burgundy which he visits every summer.

On each visit, he avidly visit vineyards and producers from all over the region and compiles his encounters with those who make Burgundy and its wines into a series of fascinating interviews posted on his website: Bergman's Bourgogne

Bergman's Bourgogne also includes a wealth of information on the various villages, places to stay at, restaurants not to miss, etc.

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