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The Swiss Vineyard: A Patchwork of Diversified Terroirs with Gildas L'Hostis

The Swiss Vineyard: A Patchwork of Diversified Terroirs with Gildas L'Hostis

Webinar Synopsis:

After providing a general introduction to the world of Swiss wine, L'Hostis will discuss the wine market in Switzerland and why Swiss winemakers struggle to find new markets abroad. He will also cover the Swiss terroir, inclusive of climate, soil and their impact on the type of wines produced as well as the six wine producing regions of the country. Finally, he will focus on two main vineyards: the Vaud canton and the Valais canton, with am emphasis on their climate, soils, grape varieties and types of wines produced.

Presenter: Gildas L'Hostis

Gildas L'Hostis is a senior lecturer of oenology at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, a post he has held for three years. As such, he is in charge of the enology, viticulture and wine tasting for preparatory year students in the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management program.

Prior to his arrival at Ecole Hôtelière, Gildas spent several years in the hotel industry gaining experience in wine waiting; managing catering units; and food and beverage management, inclusive of two years in Australia. In total, he has spent ten years as a teacher specialized in subjects related to the management of food and beverage, with teaching positions in Polynesia and France.

L'Hostis earned his Bachelor's degree in wine and beverage management from Toulouse University and his Master in International Wine and Spirit Trade from the Business School of Dijon.

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