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Bordeaux Master

Bordeaux Master-Level Program


The Bordeaux Master-level program is an official course of study designed for wine trade and serious students of wine. 

It has been created by the Wine Scholar Guild and lead instructor Jane Anson, Bordeaux correspondent and columnist for Decanter magazine and author of “Bordeaux Legends, The 1855 First Growth Wines”.

A dream team of Bordeaux experts from all over the world is providing a unique and dynamic learning experience via web-based teaching technology coupled with an optional immersion trip to the region itself. 

Earn the Bordeaux Master-level certificate through 9 weeks of self-study fully supported by 15 live webinars, a comprehensive study manual, an interactive preparatory e-learning module and quizzes for self-evaluation.

The program is starting live on April 26th, 2018 and you can save $50 if you sign-up by March 31st, 2018. Use coupon code: EARLYBIRDBD at checkout page.

The Bordeaux Master-Level Program Includes:

Bordeaux ML Package


  • Online, proctored exam sit
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group organized by students enrolled in the online program
  • Preparatory reading assignments, online study module and review quiz
  • All webinars are available for on-demand replay (for one year from the time of registration)
  • Access to instructors via the Q&A forum

Price: $495
Early bird offer: save $50 if you sign-up by March 31st, 2018, use coupon code: EARLYBIRDBD during checkout.


  • Jane Anson
    Lead-instructor; Bordeaux correspondent and columnist for Decanter magazine and award-winning author including, “Wine Revolution”.
  • Sandra Duboscq
    Oenology specialist with the Diplome National d'Œnologie and consultant winemaker for over 50 Medoc properties with Oenocentres Pauillac,
  • Alexandre Morin
    Experienced sommelier who has worked in London, Sydney and Bordeaux, and co-founder of Le Vin l'Emportera.
  • Andrew Jefford
    Award-winning wine journalist for Decanter Magazine and author of twelve books on wine including “The New France”
  • Charles Curtis MW
    Author of The Original Grand Crus of Burgundy, founder of WineAlpha and a regular columnist for the Chinese version of La Revue du Vin de France.
  • Fiona Morrison MW
    Co-manager at Le Pin (Pomerol), L'IF (Saint Emilion) and Chateau Goubau (Côtes de Castillon) and Managing Director of Thienpont’s wine negociant business.
  • Suzanne Mustacich
    Contributing editor at Wine Spectator magazine and the author of th award-winning Thirsty Dragon: China’s Lust for Bordeaux and the Threat to the World’s Best Wines.
  • Bill Blatch
    Senior Consultant at Christie's and co-founder and partner in Bordeaux Gold LLP, Sauternes company.

Your moderator and program coordinator is Lisa M. Airey, CWE, FWS, Education Director, Wine Scholar Guild and CIVB Certified Bordeaux Instructor.

The program is starting live on April 26th, 2018 and you can save $50 if you sign-up by March 31st, 2018. Use coupon code: EARLYBIRDBD at checkout page.

We offer all the necessary tools & support to master the wines of Bordeaux: 

  • 15 recorded webinars presented by world-renowned Bordeaux experts:
Jane Anson Charles Curtis MW Alexandre Morin  Suzanne Mustacich

Andrew Jefford

Bill Blatch Sandra Duboscq  Lisa M. Airey, CWE, FWS

Webinars topics:

  • Bordeaux Past & Present
  • Bordeaux Economics
  • Bordeaux Viticulture Today
  • The Classifications of Bordeaux
  • Terroirs of Bordeaux
  • Trends in Bordeaux Winemaking
  • Value Bordeaux : Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur and the Côtes
  • The Sweet Whites of Bordeaux
  • Left Bank: The Médoc
  • Left Bank: Graves and Pessac
  • Right Bank: Saint-Emilion, Pomerol and Fronsac
  • The Dry Whites of Bordeaux 
  • Bordeaux Futures, Collecting and Investing in Bordeaux
  • Somm Bordeaux: Creating a Bordeaux Wine List
  • Bordeaux Deconstructed
  • The Bordeaux Study Manual (updated in 2018)

  • Preparatory Online Study Modules & Quizzes:

The Bordeaux online study module offers interactive presentations that are put into a measurable, meaningful format designed for maximum retention of content and ease of use.

Bordeaux online study modules features:

  • Quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • Full audio narration to offer new insight and keep you engaged
  • Your place is automatically bookmarked/saved to resume where you left off
  • A progress bar tracks your accomplishments


Schedule of Study:

Week 1 
(April 23 - 29)

Webinar: Bordeaux Past & Present

with Jane Anson

Thursday April 26th @ 12:00 noon EST

Week 2  
(Apr 30 - May 6)

Webinar: Bordeaux Economics

with Suzanne Mustacich

Tuesday May 1st @ 12:00 noon EST


Webinar: Bordeaux Viticulture Today

with Sandra Duboscq

Thursday May 3rd @ 12:00 noon EST

Week 3 
(May 7 -13)

Webinar: Bordeaux Classifications

with Suzanne Mustacich

Tuesday May 8th @ 12:00 noon EST


Webinar: Terroirs of Bordeaux

with Jane Anson

Thursday May 10th @ 12:00 noon EST

Week 4
(May 14 -20)

Webinar: Trends in Bordeaux Winemaking

with Fiona Morrison MW

Tuesday May 15th @ 12:00 noon EST


Webinar: Value Bordeaux: Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur & the Côtes

with Jane Anson

Thursday May 17th @ 12:00 noon EST

Week 5
(May 21 -27)

Webinar: The Sweet Side of Bordeaux

with Bill Blatch

Tuesday May 22nd @ 12:00 noon EST


Webinar: Bordeaux Futures: Collecting & Investing in Bordeaux

with Charles Curtis MW

Thursday May 24th @ 12:00 noon EST

Week 6
(May 28- Jun 3)

Webinar: Graves & Pessac Léognan

with Jane Anson

Tuesday May 29th @ 12:00 noon EST


Webinar: The Médoc

with Jane Anson

Thursday May 31st @ 12:00 noon EST

Week 7
Jun 4-10)

Webinar: Somm Bordeaux

with Alexandre Morin

Tuesday June 5th @ 12:00 noon EST


Webinar: Saint-Emilion, Pomerol & Fronsac

with Suzanne Mustacich

Thursday June 7th @ 12:00 noon EST

Week 8
(Jun 11-17)

Webinar: The Dry Whites of Bordeaux

with Jane Anson

Thursday June 14th @ 12:00 noon EST

Week 9
(Jun 18-24)

Webinar: Plutocrats and Paupers: structural misconceptions about Bordeaux

with Andrew Jefford

Tuesday June 19th @ 12:00 noon EST

How it works:

  • You receive the full-color, Bordeaux Master-Level study manual for independent reading and study. Work through the material when you have time in your schedule.
  • All webinars are live and recorded for on demand replay in video or podcast format…perfect to listen to on your way to work!
  • Have a question after watching a recorded webinar? Contact your instructors via the Instructor Q & A forum or email Lisa Airey directly. The choice is yours.
  • The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, 10 map identification exercises and 4 essays. There is no tasting component. All you need is a laptop equipped with microphone and webcam plus an internet connection. Candidates have one year to take their final exam and contact the WSG office manager Celine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. one month in advance to schedule their exams.
  • You have a full year to sit the exam…just in case life gets in the way.

Bordeaux Master-Level Online Exam:

The exam is comprised of three separate sections: 50 multiple-choice questions, four short-answer questions and a map exercise. Passing score is 75/100. The exam questions and essay topics are taken from the Bordeaux Study Manual and webinars. Practice maps are also available on the course.

Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.

Candidate has one year from registration date to take the exam. When ready, the candidate may contact WSG Office Manager, Celine Camus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule the exam. Please contact Celine one month in advance to schedule your exam. Important notice: Candidates cancelling less than 5 business days prior to their scheduled exam date or not showing up the day of will incur a $85 re-scheduling fee.


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The program is starting live on April 26th, 2018 and you can save $50 if you sign-up by March 31st, 2018. Use coupon code: EARLYBIRDBD at checkout page.

PODCAST: Jane Anson & Andrew Jefford on Bordeaux


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