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Bordeaux Master

Bordeaux Master-Level Program

A comprehensive study and certificate program on the wines of Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Master-Level program is an official course of study designed for wine trade. It has been created by the Wine Scholar Guild and vetted by Dewey Markham Jr., author of the James Beard award-winning book “1855: A History of the Bordeaux Classification”.

Learn from a prestigious panel of guest instructors including:

  • Jay Youmans, Master of Wine
  • Andrew Jefford, Wine Writer, author of "The New France"
  • Debra Meiburg, Master of Wine
  • Roger Bohmrich, Master of Wine
  • Fiona Morrison, Master of Wine
  • Charles Curtis, Master of Wine

 Your moderator and program coordinator will be Lisa M. Airey, CWE, FWS, Education Director, Wine Scholar Guild.

 Learn more about the program's instructors


Now available in an online and on-demand format!

Explore Bordeaux from the comfort of your own office or home. This is Bordeaux as you’ve never seen it presented!

The online study package includes:

  • Preparatory reading assignments, online study modules and review quiz
  • Thirteen on-demand lectures by lead instructor Dewey Markham Jr.
  • Supplemental recorded lectures by guest instructors including: Jay Youmans MW,  Andrew Jefford Debra Meiburg MW, Roger Bohmrich MW, Fiona Morrison MW, Charles Curtis MW
  • A copy of the WSG's Bordeaux Master-Level Study Manual
  • Reading and tasting assignments to accompany each lecture
  • Online review quizzes
  • Access to instructors via the Q&A forum
  • Online, proctored exam sit

Optional (Additional fees apply):

Immersion trip to Bordeaux


Tuition is $430,00  and includes study manual, online study program and online exam sit. Registration is valid for a full year from date of registration.


Objectives & Scope


This is, in scope and design, the most comprehensive wine study program on Bordeaux

bar none.

Through this program, students will acquire a profound knowledge of the region and develop a greater sensory understanding of its wines.

A passing score of 75 on the final exam validates mastery of the course content. This exam can be taken online. For proctoring purposes, you will need access to a computer equipped with microphone and webcam.

Students have a full-calendar year of access to the online study materials and a full year within which they may sit for the exam.

Learn more about the detailed curriculum...


 Study under true Bordeaux wine experts and masterful instructors...

 Delve into Bordeaux with the insight of Bordeaux expert and resident, Dewey Markham Jr, lead instructor.


Why study Bordeaux?

The wines of Bordeaux have long been a revered French wine icon. They are age-worthy, much sought after, and highly prized. Like great art, they are bought and sold as a valued commodity, in fast and furious trading, at auction, and over quiet conversation with a well-connected retailer.

The region has been quite mercantile since the Middle Ages. Three hundred years of English rule set the focus on secular vs. ecclesiastical pursuits. During the French Revolution, there was little to burn or pillage as the church was not the largest landowner.

With this commercial foundation, the Bordelais were in a position of strength when Napoleon issued his Code of Inheritance. They incorporated their estates and divided up paper shares of stock vs. rows of vines avoiding the debilitating fractionalization experienced by the Burgundians.

And the region’s geological history is has been just as monumental as its political one. There is truth to terroir. Here, the vine tells a unique story of site, soil, climate and the hand of man.

Over the millennia, the vinous legacy that began with the Romans has evolved into a juggernaut of epic proportions.  World-wide, winemakers aspire to emulate what Bordeaux captures in a bottle each harvest. Wine writers flock to this corner of France to taste the new vintage. Cyberspace buzzes with wine commerce once the prices are set.  And all the world has but one thing on its lips…Bordeaux.  The region is both a bastion and a beacon for all that is timeless,  classic and  truly exceptional in the world of wine.



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