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Detailed Curriculum

Detailed Curriculum

The core curriculum (the 13 on-demand lectures listed below) is taught by lead-instructor, Dewey Markham Jr.

  1. The Viticultural History of Bordeaux
  2. Grapes and Blends
  3. The Terroir of Bordeaux
  4. Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur
  5. The Côtes of Bordeaux
  6. Graves and Médoc
  7. Saint-Emilion, Pomerol and Fronsac
  8. The Dry White Wines of Bordeaux
  9. The Sweet White Wines of Bordeaux
  10. The Classification of 1855
  11. The Other Classifications
  12. Bordeaux Futures
  13. Tradition and Transition in Bordeaux

    A panel of distinguished guest lecturers will present very different sides to multi-faceted Bordeaux in the live webinars listed below:

  14. The Taste of Bordeaux presented by Jay Youmans, Master of Wine
  15. Garagistes presented by Roger Bohmrich, Master of Wine
  16. Bordeaux Deconstructed presented by Andrew Jefford, author
  17. Collecting and Investing presented by Charles Curtis, Master of Wine
  18. Challenges and Opportunities in Making Bordeaux presented by Fiona Morrison, Master of Wine
  19. Rise of the Dragon: Bordeaux Wine in Asia presented by Debra Meiburg, Master of Wine

Want to learn more? Download the list of the 19 thematic lectures with their detailed abstracts.


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