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Student Testimonials

Testimonials from past Champagne Master-Level graduates

We thank the following students for their endorsements and testimonials:

Champagne Students Testimonials

  • Thank you so much for creating exciting presentations and continued learning via webinars with stellar wine professionals.
    Chrissa Chase, FWS
    Wine Director/Consultant/Educator for Traveling Somm.
    FWS, WSET Level 3
  • The Wine Scholar Guild provides more in depth information with relevant industry information from top leaders in the regions being covered and the curriculum expands on the basic information that has been provided through other levels of education that I have taken.
    Karen Crippen
    Sommelier for Coop Wine Spirits Beer
    WSET Level 3, International Sommelier Guild ISG
  • Everyone in our company took this course, and even though some of us have decades of experience in the Champagne business, everyone still learned tremendous amount.
    Michelle Defeo
    President at Laurent-Perrier US
    WSET Level 2
  • The WSG programs are a great complement to the WSET Diploma units
    Mike Dutch, FWS
    Wine Enthusiast
    WSET Level 3, FWS, Bordeaux ML, Sud de France ML, Certified sommelier (CMS), Certified Specialist of Wine CSW
  • The Champagne ML program has provided me with a lot of fact and detail that I will be able to pass on in tasting and training seminars that I conduct
    Andrew Paulsen
    Sommelier Coordinator at Coop Wine Spirits Beer at the Crowfoot Tasting Centre location in Calgary
    WSET Level 3, International Sommelier Guild ISG
  • The Champagne ML program was outstanding! The professionals that you have teaching are the leaders in their fields.
    Courtney Olson
    Sommelier in a restaurant in San Francisco
    WSET Diploma, Certified Sommelier (CMS)
  • I always enjoyed champagne before this course, but the greater in-depth understanding I’ve gained has given me a new appreciation for both what is in the bottle and the region is comes from.
    Lynn Larson-Greene
    Wine Enthusiast
    FWS, WSET Level 3, Certified Specialist of Wine CSW, Introductory Sommelier Certificate (CMS)
  • The detailed insight – especially from experienced professionals who know this region as extensively as Essi Avellan, Peter Liem and Steve Charters – have helped a lot to see a different perspective and to form my own opinion on a wide range of subjects.
    Stefanie Köhler
    Wine Educator
    WSET Level 3
  • I found the Champagne ML program was perfect for the person looking for a more in-depth look at a region. The content is concise and the choice of presenters really makes the difference.
    Andrew MacLeod
    Wine professional in retail
    WSET Level 3, International sommelier guild ISG
  • The Champagne ML course, specifically, revealed the complexity of both the region and sparkling production, which I can’t wait to share with students – the bubbles taste even better when you understand what went into that glass!
    Tina Isbell
    Wine professional organizing wine tours through my company, Vino Hound
    FWS, WSET level 3, Rhone ML, Bordeaux ML
  • When I came across the WSG Champagne Master Level course, I found what I’d been looking for! This program has taught me more than I could think of beforehand: it truly covers every aspect having to do with champagne.
    Clara de Nijs
    Wine importer in Netherlands.
    WSET Level 3
  • I very much approve the depth of material the Champagne Master Level course went into. Every class offered by the Wine Scholar Guild will be a necessity when I start actively pursuing tougher accreditations down the road.
    Mark Osburn
    Cerified sommelier (CMS)
  • with my greater understanding of the region as a whole and how each house is quite different from the others, this will be an asset when buying new champagnes for our stores.
    Sebastien Lafortune
  • Having visited the areas that I have studied or am studying does allow for a better context of the areas. The historical references are also very useful in putting everything in perspective.
    Andrew Belcher
    Wine Enthusiast
  • The webinar presentations were fabulous, very insightful, from experts in the region
    Kathryn Latour
    Wine Marketing professional
    Certified Sommelier (CMS), Diploma from the International Sommelier Guild
  • I am incredibly confident that my Master Level Champagne certification will assist me in my future studies both professionally and personally.
    Christine Campbell
    Wine enthusiast, wine writer and instructor
    WSETLevel 3, FWS
  • I am glad that I made the decision to take the Champagne ML exam, which is a step forward in achieving my dream in being a champagne specialist one day!
    Lim Yee Chuin
    Wine Enthusiast
    WSET Level 3
  • The Champagne ML program will also be useful when I pursue my Master of Wine credential at some point.
    Albert Sheen, Champagne ML
    Wine Enthusiast
    WSET Level 1, 2, 3