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    Champagne Master-Level

    Champagne Master-Level Program

    A comprehensive study & certification program on the wines of Champagne

    This is an in-depth course of study conducted at the master-level and is designed for all committed students of wine whether wine professionals or serious wine hobbyists.

    A dream team of Champagne experts from all over the world is providing a unique and dynamic learning experience on the wines of Champagne via web-based teaching technology.

    Champagne captures the hearts, minds and palates of wine lovers around the world like no other wine.  It is one of the strongest territorial wine brands in the world, and no wine specialist can consider their education complete without having in-depth knowledge of this fascinating region.

    Study under true Champagne experts and masterful instructors...

    Essi Avellan MW Charles Curtis MW Peter Liem Steve Charters MW

    Carl Sherman

    Robert Walters Sharon McLean,
    WSETdip, FWS, IWS
    Patrick Schmitt MW

    Learn from a prestigious panel of guest instructors including:

    • Essi Avellan MW
      Editor of FINE Champagne magazine, chair of Decanter World Wine Awards’ Champagne panel and revising editor of Christie’s World Encyclopedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine by Tom Stevenson.
    • Peter Liem
      Award-winning author of Champagne, author and publisher of ChampagneGuide.net and former senior correspondent for Wine and Spirits.
    • Steve Charters MW
      Former Professor of Champagne Management, Reims Management School and current Professor of Wine Marketing at School of Wine & Spirits Business at Burgundy School of Business.
    • Charles Curtis MW
      Former head of wine for Christie’s in both Asia and the Americas, founder of the Institute of Master of Wine’s annual champagne tasting, author and columnist.
    • Robert Walters
      Owner of Bibendum Wine Co., vineyard owner and award-winning author of Bursting Bubbles: A Secret History of Champagne.
    • Carl Edmund Sherman
      International development consultant for Champagne brands and Champagne ambassador.
    • Patrick Schmitt MW
      Editor-in-chief at The Drinks Business and a specialist on Champagne, visiting the region regularly, chairing the Champagne Masters, editing the annual Champagne Report, and author of original research into the changing sugar levels in Brut NV Champagne over a 21-year period for his MW dissertation.

    Read our instructor's bios

    Your moderator and program coordinator are Sharon McLean WSETDip, FWS, IWS and Lisa M. Airey, CWE, FWS, Education Director.

    "I am currently in Stage 2 of the Master of Wine program.  The FWS Champagne Master-Level program will be critical in helping me towards the goal of MW certification.  To pass the MW, one must achieve depth of knowledge in not just practical, but also theory." Nicholas Poletto, Director of Education at Kobrand Corporation
    Read full interview

    Offered in a Distance-Learning Format

    Explore Champagne from the comfort of your own office or home. This is Champagne as you’ve never seen it presented!

    Like all other WSG courses, the Champagne Master-Level program is supported by extensive student material. The study package includes:

    • Preparatory reading assignments, online study modules and review quiz
    • 15 live and recorded webinars by expert Champagne instructors
    • A copy of the Champagne Master-Level Study Manual
    • Reading and tasting assignments to accompany each lecture
    • Online review quizzes
    • Access to instructors via the Q&A forum
    • Online, proctored exam sit: candidates need to be equipped with a webcam, audio system to take the online exam.

    Optional (Additional fees apply): Immersion trip to Champagne

    REGISTER NOW Instructors What's Included How it works

    Champagne ML Graduate Testimonials

    • Thank you so much for creating exciting presentations and continued learning via webinars with stellar wine professionals.
      Chrissa Chase, FWS
      Wine Director/Consultant/Educator for Traveling Somm.
      FWS, WSET Level 3
    • Everyone in our company took this course, and even though some of us have decades of experience in the Champagne business, everyone still learned tremendous amount.
      Michelle Defeo
      President at Laurent-Perrier US
      WSET Level 3 and Certified Sommelier (CMS)
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    Webinar Topics:

    • Champagne History: Steve Charters MW
    • Growing the Grapes: Carl Edmund Sherman
    • Sub-Regional Studies: Côte des Blancs & Montagne de Reims: Peter Liem
    • Sub-Regional Studies: Vallée de la Marne & Other Sub-regions: Peter Liem
    • Making Champagne and the Sensory Impact of Choices:  Essi Avelan MW
    • Blending and Balance: Essi Avelan MW
    • House Styles : Essi Avelan MW
    • The Development and Organisation of the Champagne Industry: Steve Charters MW
    • Branding, Distributing and Selling Champagne: Steve Charters MW
    • Champagne and the World of Fizz: Essi Avellan MW
    • Champagne Who’s Who: Charles Curtis MW
    • The Growth of the Growers:  Robert Walters
    • Vintage, Prestige & Icon Cuvées: Charles Curtis MW
    • What Price Champagne? Charles Curtis MW
    • The Changing Face of Champagne: Steve Charters MW
    • The Changing Taste of Champagne: Patrick Schmitt MW

    This is, in scope and design, the most comprehensive wine study program on Champagne bar none. Through this program, students will acquire a profound knowledge of the region and develop a greater sensory understanding of its wines.

    Learn more about the detailed curriculum...


    Tuition is $495.00 and includes study manual, online study program and online exam. Registration is valid for a full year from date of registration.


    "My goal is to have our company be comprised of the most knowledgeable people in the Champagne industry in the US. This course was a significant step towards that goal." Michelle Defeo, President at Laurent Perrier US
    Read full interview

     REGISTER NOW Instructors What's Included How it works

    Why study the wines of Champagne?

    Champagne is unique in the world of bubbles. Its combination of soil, climate and grapes cannot be duplicated anywhere else on earth. It is the benchmark in the world of sparkling wine.

    Champagne is one of the world’s most precious, stylized wine products; its production process merits serious study.

    Both steeped in tradition and ultra-modern, Champagne is a timeless classic. Its history is the stuff of legends; this program dispels the myths.

    What are the key learning objectives?

    This master-level program provides detailed information on the Champagne’s climate, grapes and viticultural practices. It explores the region’s geology, topography and soils. You’ll learn Champagne from the ground up and in-depth!

    Delve deeply into Champagne’s rich history and winemaking process. Gain insider perspective on the sub-regions, villages, grand marques and small independent grower-producers.

    Learn about Champagne’s dynamic wine trade. No product is more adaptable! From non-vintage bottlings and tête de cuvées to market-driven dosage levels, champagne tailors itself to its clientele.

    Find out who’s who while exploring champagne culture, trends, fads and traditions.

    REGISTER NOW Instructors What's Included How it works

    How it works:

    • You receive the full-color, Champagne Master-Level study manual for independent reading and study. Work through the material when you have time in your schedule.
    • All live webinars are also recorded for on demand replay in video or podcast format…perfect to listen to on your way to work!
    • Have a question after watching a recorded webinar? Contact your instructors via the Instructor Q & A forum or email Lisa Airey directly. The choice is yours.
    • The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, 10 map identification exercises and 4 essays. There is no tasting component. All you need is a laptop equipped with microphone and webcam plus an internet connection. Candidates have one year to take their final exam and contact the WSG office manager Celine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. one month in advance to schedule their exams.
    • You have a full year to sit the exam…just in case life gets in the way.

    Champagne Master-Level Online Exam:

    The exam is comprised of three separate sections: 50 multiple-choice questions, four short-answer questions and a map exercise. Passing score is 75/100. The exam questions and essay topics are taken from the Champagne Study Manual and webinars. Practice maps are also available on the course.

    Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.

    Candidate has one year from registration date to take the exam. When ready and at least 1 month in advance of preferred exam date, the candidate should contact WSG office manager Celine Camus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule the exam. Important notice: Candidates cancelling less than 5 business days prior to their scheduled exam date or not showing up the day of will incur a $85 re-scheduling fee.




    Disclaimer: WSG offers wine study courses that are targeted to both beginners and those more experienced in the wine industry. While WSG has received many accolades, awards, and testimonials, WSG is not an accredited institution or school. WSG does not guarantee or warrant that any employer or school will recognize WSG wine study courses. While WSG knows that it is a well-recognized institution within the multi-national wine community, it cannot guarantee anyone success in their profession or vocation.

    WSG thanks the following organizations for their support:


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