Programs Overview

Master-Level Programs Overview

Become a recognized specialist in the French wine region(s) of your choice!

The Wine Scholar Guild's Master-Level program is a U.S. wine industry-endorsed and French Regional Wine Councils-endorsed wine study program for trade and for advanced students of wine. Candidates can earn Master-Level Certificates for accruing expertise in each of the wine regions of France.

Study Options:

Self-Study with Study Manual:

Candidates can achieve mastery through self-study. A comprehensive study manual on each wine region of France will provide all the information needed to pass the exam. The following study manuals are currently available: 

Online Master-Level Study Programs:

The Wine Scholar Guild offers in-depth, live and/or on-demand online study programs at the Master-Level. 

The programing includes:

  • a comprehensive series of webinars led by one lead instructor
  • Supplemental webinars presented by a panel of area experts
  • online review quizzes
  • an interactive student-teacher forum
  • preparatory materials in advance of the start of the actual programming
  • study materials and/or a study manual for the program itself.

French Wine Immersion Study Trips:

For the complete immersion experience, add a trip to France to the Master-Level self-study or online study programs. Spend a week visiting vineyards and wineries, tasting wine and savoring regional cusine under the tutelage and direction of a Master-Level instructor.  Current French Wine Immersion programs include Bordeaux, Champagne, Rhône, Burgundy, Languedoc-Roussillon, Alsace and Provence.

Learn more about our French Wine Immersion Study Trips

Review & Tutored Tasting Sessions:

Following the close of our Online Master-Level study programs, our partnering schools and educators will offer optional "Review and Tutored Tasting" sessions and proctor the exam.

About the Master-Level exam:

The exam is comprised of three separate sections: 50 multiple-choice questions, four or five short-answer questions and a map exercise. Passing score is 75/100.

The Master-Level exams are proctored online (Note: candidates must have a webcam and microphone; an additional $50 fee applies, due to individual proctoring).

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