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French Wine Scholar™ online | Independent Study Format

French Wine Scholar online - Independent Study Format

4.745 5 200 Product

The package includes:

  • A comprehensive 330-page study manual with illustrations, maps, and graphics, available in print + e-book formats
  • 1-year access to our interactive and user-friendly e-learning platform including online learning modulespronunciation exercisesquizzes and flashcards
  • suggested schedule of study* with learning objectives that provide detailed assessment criteria for mastery
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group 
  • An online exam sit (100 multipe choice questions).

Registration for the FWS online exam:

  • The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 60 minutes.
  • The French Wine Scholar credential will be conferred to those individuals who sit the exam and achieve a score of 75 or higher.
  • Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.
  • Candidate has one year from registration date to take the exam. When ready, the candidate may contact Andrea McEwan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to schedule the exam.

    Important notice: You can cancel or reschedule your exam at any point before your scheduled exam time by logging in to your ProctorU account and using the rescheduling link.
    If not cancelled or rescheduled prior to the exam start time and you are not showing up for your exam or more than 15 minutes late, a $75 re-scheduling fee payable to WSG will be applied.
Customer Reviews
5 1 4 Serge Perrin Merinos on Sep 15, 2022
Deep dive in french wines. Very complementary to other reputed wines curriculums (e.g. WSET3). As a french citizen, I have learnt many things that the great majority of my compatriots (including wine lovers) have no clues about.
5 1 5 Jocelyn NICOLAS on Aug 22, 2022
An exciting learning experience, with a global vision of french wines (geology, history, geography, regulations, wine industry, winemaking, wine characteristics etc...) !
5 1 5 Rosana Pasini on Aug 4, 2022
WSG has definetelly the best online materials for the student to study. It's clear, it's simple and shows the details of terroirs, history, wines in a very easy and lovey way. The classes are great and pleasant. I'll definetelly go on studying with WSG.
5 1 5 Celia Corigliano on Aug 3, 2022
Very satisfied.
Concepts solidificated.
Very good ilustration that helps the information capture.
5 1 4 Che Chun Alex Tsui on Jul 28, 2022
A top-notch qualification enabling everybody to take a deep dive into French Wines! The materials are incredibly well written and the online studying materials are very helpful as well.

I especially like the recently-published list of recommended producers and appreciate that there are hundreds of high-quality wine labels presented as examples throughout the online learning module.
5 1 4 Edward Halibozek on Jul 26, 2022
Great program with excellent course material. Perhaps too much information for a short term course.
5 1 5 Ronbenitez on Jul 26, 2022
Was fun, look forward to the next one
5 1 5 Adam Saun on Jul 13, 2022
I would highly recommend this course to any professional or enthusiast who has an interest in French wine. The course goes into great detail giving you a deep understanding of the history, climate, viticulture, winemaking, key wine styles and AOCs of all the French wine regions. It really immerses you in the culture of France and it will make you want to travel to each and every one of the regions!
5 1 5 I Putu Rio Chandrabawa Adi Wiguna on Jun 23, 2022
I would definitely recommend everyone to take WSG courses to expand their knowledge of wine...looking to further dig down the world of wine, you can't be wrong with entrusting that journey with WSG. The materials are well-designed by experts in such a way that can be easily digested despite the sheer amount of depth.
5 1 5 Mark Snow on Jun 1, 2022
The French Wine Scholar course is an exercise in excellence. The materials are rigorously crafted by people who obviously love the wines of the region, and the information within is invaluable to anyone seeking advanced knowledge of this most famous of winemaking countries. The textbook will continue to be a resource for me for years to come.
5 1 5 Timothy Henshaw on May 26, 2022
A very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable course, that combines Classroom, Online and private study opportunities, with the added bonus of being able to taste the wines from the various regions, which helps to cement the idea of Terroir into the style and profile of the regions.
5 1 5 Sabina Poirier on May 12, 2022
Overall, the program is excellent. It has given me a more complete view of the wines of France than I've had in the past. Specifically, I learned about regions that I've not really been exposed to much, and it has given me a better understanding of context. It has also given me a much easier way to think of Bourgogne, especially, the Côte d'Or. I've long had trouble remembering what was what in the Côte d'Or (despite working with some iconic wineries), and I feel much more confident. This goes for all regions really - the course really helps to understand the regions, terroirs, viti, vini, and history, and how it all fits together.
5 1 5 Ylva Lindskog on Apr 28, 2022
Really enjoyed the programme - thank you!
5 1 4 Milos Jerabek on Apr 28, 2022
I love your take :)
5 1 5 Ying Ying Chen on Apr 28, 2022
As a wine amteur, I really enjoyed the FWS journey, and have learnt so much from it. I have just finished WSET L3 and finding that I wanted to learn more. FWS expanded my understanding on French wine region, history and deepen my knowledge of how French classifying system works and more pleasure in appreciating wine. Will keep going with WSG study and look forward to the wine trips in the future!
5 1 5 Alejandro Artigas on Apr 13, 2022
The course was an excellent and thorough immersion in not only French wines, but France as a whole. History, geography, culture, through the lens of wines. I loved the course, it will forever inform me. This course is so important for any wine lover, that there must be a before and after date. As all wine roads go through France.
5 1 4 Leah Spooner on Apr 8, 2022
The material is excellent and will leave students with a thorough and impactful knowledge of French wine.
5 1 5 alex CHO on Mar 24, 2022
WSA is the best program to understand French wine.
It was so good to learn detailled AOC.
5 1 4 Andy Narusewicz on Mar 22, 2022
Probably the most effective and efficient way to develop expertise on the subject of French Wine. I will absolutely go through all of the WSG offerings. If you’re serious about wine, these programs are a must.
5 1 4 Andy Narusewicz on Mar 22, 2022
Probably the most effective and efficient way to develop expertise on the subject of French Wine. I will absolutely go through all of the WSG offerings. If you’re serious about wine, these programs are a must.
5 1 4 Thanachai Sirithanachai on Mar 20, 2022
The online materials are very helpful especially E-learning Module & Quiz. Excellent!
5 1 5 Tomy Gil on Mar 3, 2022
Highly recommended !
5 1 5 Tomy Gil on Mar 3, 2022
Highly recommended !
5 1 5 Tomy Gil on Mar 3, 2022
Highly recommended !
5 1 5 Agustin Bianchi on Feb 24, 2022
Excellent program. It far exceeds my expectations. It is difficult to find such complete study material. The evaluation system is also very reliable and easy to use.
5 1 5 Pai Yueh Lee on Feb 20, 2022
Thank you for providing the comprehensive information of French wine regions. Even I took the on-line learning, I still can study under the instruction of program without confusing. Deeply appreciated.
5 1 4 Rob Mack on Feb 18, 2022
A very well run course that touches on all things related to French wine. Highly recommended.
5 1 5 Pablo Mata on Feb 17, 2022
This course help a lot to understand the french wine and the history and how affect the present and is easy to study by yourself.
5 1 4 Dong Hwan Kim on Feb 17, 2022
FWS definitely made me focus on wine study. It covers a wide range of French wine region and styles of wine as well. I got motivated by studying FWS and can use the knowledge from this course. For the last few weeks, I've been into the French wine world and it will help to broaden my wine knowledge and my wine business as well.

Thank you for organizing this fantastic program.
5 1 5 Nao Wakayama on Feb 16, 2022
I found the whole course a friendly guide to draw on my profound knowledge of French wines.
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