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Unparalleled benefits for the committed students of wine!

In addition to its educational programs, the Wine Scholar Guild also offers a unique membership program.

WSG Membership provides wine professionals and wine students with a wealth of resources and benefits to help them expand their wine knowledge. WSG member benefits include:

  • Full access to WSG Studio, the largest hub of live and streaming wine education content
  • 24/7 access to over 300 WSG Replay recordings, available for on-demand viewing on WSG Studio
  • Special live online events such as WSG Confidential and Meeting of the Minds
  • A 10% discount on all WSG online educational programs!
  • Priority notification and booking for upcoming study trips
  • Deals on wine magazine subscriptions, wine books, and accessories

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Please note: Membership dues or contributions to the Wine Scholar Guild are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.


If you are an organization with at least four people who could benefit from membership, our group membership program is for you. Take advantage of our substantially discounted pricing.

Plus, you may qualify for additional perks not normally bundled with individual membership.

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Customer Reviews
5 1 5 William Englehaupt, FWS
Great group, if you're interested in all things "French Wine" this is the place for you. Top notch programs, instructors and staff, great overall experience!
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5 1 5 Raymond O'Mara
Please accept my enthusiastic endorsement of The Wine Scholar Guild online Continuing Education Programs. They are easily accessible, informative, timely and very valuable. The webinars have been great, timely, and to the point. They are both thought provoking and informative, enabling interaction and access for consumers and professionals alike. Their added value makes the Wine Scholar Guild membership a "no brainer", and highly recommended.
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5 1 5 Brian Bolter
Love the webinars. Especially the latest one with Paul Wagner. Keep it up!
5 1 5 Jean Barbey
I would like to strongly recommend the Wine Scholar Guild online Education program. This is a very enjoyable and ultra convenient way to learn more about French wines. If the timing of the live Webinar is not convenient, they can be viewed comfortably at a later time. The topics are well chosen, speakers excellent and there is the possibility to ask questions.
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5 1 5 Jari Tuomala
The TCA webinar was very informative. Great job at getting to the point so quickly. And to be able to listen to it well after the event. Great programs, great set-up.
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5 1 5 John Hames
The Webinars are very informative and a great way to learn more about French wine. The afternoon sessions fit my personal schedule better than evenings but it's nice that you offer both options. I look forward to attending many more!
5 1 5 Matt Kirkland
The french wine society and its educational programs offer a fabulous opportunity to explore France- its wine, its food, and its culture. We attended the Wine Scholar Guild July 2010 meeting, participated in the french wine scholar course in Washington, DC in the fall of 2010 (still have to take the test), and have viewed every webinar. If one has a passion for french wines and France, or if one just wants to gain knowledge, this is a spectacular program which is well taught and well managed.
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5 1 5 Laura Conway
I have been enjoying Wine Scholar Guild for over the past year beginning with the Scholar program and now through the webinars and Master-level Rhone program. The webinars have been really great as the content has been both varied and in-depth - i.e. wines of the Jura, wine marketing, olive oil etc. The Q&A at the end is always interesting too. I especially appreciate the flexibility of having the content available for review on my own schedule. The study booklets are helpful references as well allowing me to reread passages or refresh my memory of a topic. rnrnThanks for keeping my interest peaked. It's been an ongoing pleasure!
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5 1 5 John Stubblefield
After spending most of my career in the wine and spirits business, I thought I knew a lot about French wines. That was until I joined the Wine Scholar Guild and began “peeling back the layers” of what French wine is all about...the history, the terroir, the people and of course, the incredible wines. The FWS offers extensive, professional programming that will not only increase your knowledge but will offer you an opportunity to participate in tastings, travel and interaction with other wine lovers. The knowledge I gained through the travel and study offered by the FWS has given me the tools I need to be a more effective educator. I also have had the opportunity to meet some of the most influential, knowledgeable people in the wine business.
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5 1 5 Christianna Sargent
The value of the continuing education programs available at Wine Scholar Guild are incalculable and such an asset for wine professionals and lay people on all levels, whether you just need touch up on your knowledge or in-depth training. The monthly seminars are easily accessible and convenient no matter what challenging schedule your life demands.
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Disclaimer: WSG offers wine study courses that are targeted to both beginners and those more experienced in the wine industry. While WSG has received many accolades, awards, and testimonials, WSG is not an accredited institution or school. WSG does not guarantee or warrant that any employer or school will recognize WSG wine study courses. While WSG knows that it is a well-recognized institution within the multi-national wine community, it cannot guarantee anyone success in their profession or vocation.