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    Spanish Wine Scholar online - 10-week Instructor-Led Format

    4.80426 5 47 Product

    The package includes:

    The SWS study manual, access to interactive e-learning modules, and review webinars for one year as well as registration for the SWS online exam-sit. Does not include the one-year membership subscription.

    Get your SWS certification in 10 weeks! Next online instructor-led session starts May 18, 2021. Registration is now open!
    Get a head start! Gain instant access to online study materials... followed shortly by your study manual!

    Detail of the package:

    Spanish Wine Scholar study manual

    • A full-color study manual on the wines of Spain
    • The most current and comprehensive resource on the wines of Spain
    • Manual doubles as a reference book for wine professionals

    Professional instructor support with Rick Fisher, SWS Education Director

    • A schedule of study with learning objectives for each region
    • 10 live review webinars recorded for on-demand replay
    • 16 interactive e-learning modules with loads of illustrations and videos
    • Online quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
    • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group organized by students enrolled in the online program
    • Instructor Q&A forum for assistance as well as Student Community forums
    • Downloadable maps
    • Access to pronunciation exercise
    • Study materials are available 24/7 and registration is for one full year

    Registration for the SWS online exam-sit

    • The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 60 minutes.
    • The Spanish Wine Scholar credential will be conferred to those individuals who sit the exam and achieve a score of 75 or higher.
    • Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.
    • Candidate has one year from registration date to take the exam. When ready, the candidate may contact Andrea McEwan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to schedule the exam.

      Important notice: You can cancel or reschedule your exam at any point before your scheduled exam time by logging in to your ProctorU account and using the rescheduling link.
      If not cancelled or rescheduled prior to the exam start time and you are not showing up for your exam or more than 15 minutes late, a $75 re-scheduling fee payable to WSG will be applied.

    Recognizing the exceptional depth and accuracy of the program, Wines from Spain (ICEX - Spain's Trade & Investment Government Agency) has endorsed the program.

    Customer Reviews
    5 1 5 Celeste Bailey on Mar 4, 2021
    The SWS program is the perfect way to learn about Spanish wines, history and culture. Each chapter focuses on one or more of the Spanish autonomous regions and the wines produced within. The materials are comprehensive, intuitive and easy to follow making learning a real pleasure. If you are interested in Spain's wine world, I cannot imagine a better program available. I look forward to being able to visit Spain now and have a true appreciation for the wines and regions within the country!
    5 1 5 Nicole MacKay on Feb 13, 2021
    Rick's online sessions were thorough and perfectly paced for the amount of material covered. The text is laid out in a way that makes sense and helps understand how Spain has evolved to make each region so unique. A very enjoyable course.
    5 1 5 Leanne Quirk on Feb 8, 2021
    Rick was a great instructor and made the online format lively, interesting and interactive!
    Really enjoyed each session!
    5 1 4 Greg Hughes on Feb 8, 2021
    There is context and dimension to help you understand and compartmentalize information, instead of a glossary for you to memorize. There are also quizzes, flashcards, and podcasts to enhance your experience too.
    5 1 5 Jorge Garcia Abadia on Jan 26, 2021
    Fantastics session with Rick and very happy to have done it. I would strongly recommend to others this course.
    Thx for the opportunity!
    5 1 4 Bert Vandensande on Jan 21, 2021
    As a Spanish wine reseller I followed this coarse as "catch up" of my knowledge It was to the point without losing into details or staying into larger frameworks. I enjoyed it & the virtual tastings were fun.
    5 1 4 Guillermo Granados on Dec 15, 2020
    Great materials, logically presented and student friendly. Awesome concept, proud of studying here
    5 1 4 Lyne Noella on Dec 9, 2020
    Our course instructor, Monica Marin, was absolutely fabulous. She brought to life the key concepts of the course and it was fun to learn with her. I look forward to additional courses with Monica in the future.
    5 1 5 Anonymous on Dec 8, 2020
    I will recommend to anyone!
    Very well-organized program, video, and other materials available for students are exellent.
    5 1 5 Annette Solomon on Dec 8, 2020
    Monic Mirin was a knowledgeable and entertaining instructor.
    5 1 5 Luciana Diodovich on Dec 8, 2020
    This course is so deep and complete that made me feel I was traveling around Spain on every chapter. I feel like I visited every Spain wine region.
    5 1 5 Gary Wasserman on Dec 8, 2020
    I thoroughly enjoyed the study of Spain and found the Wine Scholar Guild book to be a tremendous asset. It was comprehensive and well organized. The same holds true for the online tutorials

    Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, we were not able to have in classroom sessions. Though not ideal, Monica Marin made the most of the weekly Webinars and most importantly, made herself available for questions through the week. She was quick to respond and most helpful.

    I found the course very challenging, but equally enjoyable....highly recommended

    Gary Wasserman
    Oak Park, CA
    5 1 5 Josh Douglass on Dec 8, 2020
    I enjoyed studying for and taking the SWS exam. I immersed myself in the world of Spanish wine and I'm definitely more knowledgable than I was before I started studying.
    5 1 5 Jennifer Mancini on Dec 8, 2020
    If you are looking to take your wine knowledge to the next level, I highly recommend this certification. It is so immersive, easy to follow and very difficult all at the same time. My instructor Monica Marin was fantastic as well. She really made the class fun and was extremely knowledgeable. I have definitely earned so much and can't wait to take the Italian Wine Scholar Certification next!
    5 1 5 Rory O’Donnell on Nov 22, 2020
    The SWS is an excellent course for any wine enthusiast who wants to gain a deep understanding of Spanish wines. Well done to Rick & the WSG team on developing this program.
    5 1 5 Thomas Burckell on Nov 20, 2020
    Through the Spanish Wine Scholar program, the country of Spain and its rich history was revealed through wine. From the stones of vineyards to the castles of kings and queens, wine was the link to this country’s story. I leave this program with so much more than wine knowledge! Thank you Rick, our instructor, for taking us on this journey. Salud WSG!
    5 1 5 Rachel Schneidmill on Nov 2, 2020
    As someone who's taken the WSET 2&3 courses, I can confidently say that the materials and instructor for the Spanish Wine Scholar program are top-notch. I felt that the webinar sessions and the book were tightly aligned and both very effective in learning all we need to know about the wine regions of Spain. There were also extra resources for self-study that I found extremely useful when studying for the final exam. Overall, a great program with a great instructor. Thank you, Rick!
    5 1 4 Andrew Wood on Oct 12, 2020
    Thoroughly enjoyed SWS, it has been many years since undertaking wine study, and found the program and format, informative, interesting and fun. Personally captured the essence of the world wine and presented it in an easy educational format. Highly recommend for professional or personal growth.
    5 1 5 Matt Marcewicz on Oct 4, 2020
    The Spanish Wine Scholar program is a much needed deep dive into the dynamic world of Spanish wine. This exceptional course will give wine professionals a deep understanding of the land and climate, as well as the unique complexities of each region. The well detailed presentation of history and culture provides a window into the fascinating and unique tapestry that makes Spain so magical. I can't recommend this program enough. Thank you!
    5 1 5 Amon Ferry on Aug 25, 2020
    The Spanish program was fantastic. The material was well presented both in written format and during the presentations. I commend Rick for his ability to take a country rich in history and wine making and distilling it down to a level that is understandable and easy to comprehend. I learned alot not only about the various wines of Spain but also the geography and history. Thanks!
    5 1 5 Molly Ann Brooks on Aug 15, 2020
    Studying Spain feels “simpler” that it’s European neighbors, but the country has a rapidly expanding, dynamic breadth of world class wines at accessible value. Rick Fisher’s enthusiasm, and the intensive program he created with Wine Scholar Guild, have paved a clear path for a nuanced and powerful understanding of this diverse county.
    5 1 4 Alberto Martinez-Interiano on Jul 16, 2020
    The Spanish Wine Scholar is a fantastic program to get an in-depth view of all the Spanish wine regions. Taking a model from the successful French and Italian Wine scholar programs, it follows a well-structured approach for the main features in the environment (climate, soils, topography, grapes) as well as key viticulture and verification methods to better understand the traditional wines of the main DOs of Spain. Highly Recommended for both the professional and enthusiast interested in learning more about Spanish wine!
    5 1 5 Crystal Wilson on Jul 16, 2020
    The WSG Spain program is a fantastic way to learn more about Spain in general as well as wine specifically. I'm excited to go to a Spanish restaurant and start working through their wine list.
    and I can't wait to go back to Spain!
    5 1 5 Eugene O'Brien on Jul 10, 2020
    I would highly recommend the SWS course to not just those that are working in the world of wine but also to those that may be new to wines and are curious to know more! The study manual and online study guides are highly intuitive and interesting for all levels of wine lovers!
    5 1 4 Nataliia Burlachenko on Jul 7, 2020
    I like this course a lot! The structure and the presented material is awesome! Especially I like the tests to complete each region. For me, as foreigner, was not always easy to understand the professor but he was very helpful and then tests helped me to fix everything in my head.
    I plan to take another course with WSG
    5 1 5 Patrick W Bartle on Jul 6, 2020
    Phenomenal course ..!!
    Well structured with great supplementary learning materials.
    Rick's enthusiam made it even that much more enjoyable...!!
    I feel like I learned more relevant and practical information in this course/certification than in many of the others I have previosuly experienced.
    History, geography, and everything else you need to know to flex your knowledge of Spanish wines on a very high level....Loved it...!!
    Thank you.

    Cheers, Pat
    5 1 5 Anthony Gerard Higgins on Jul 2, 2020
    I found the Spanish Wine Scholar course really useful and interesting. The information that I learnt I will be able to use in future projects that I have planned.
    5 1 5 Debbie Caine on Jun 29, 2020
    Loved this course!!! I learned a lot and feel so comfortable with Spanish wine! Can’t wait to go back to Spain and practice what I have learned!!
    5 1 5 Gretchen Thomas on Jun 28, 2020
    Wonderfully comprehensive and thorough class on Spain. There’s a ton of knowledge packed into 300 pages, having the online modules really solidified the key points in the text book. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to sharpen their knowledge in Spanish wines!
    5 1 5 Richard Milot on Jun 22, 2020
    A clear, complete and very well structured program that delivers the need to know and then some. The historical perspective helps to bring wine laws into the right context. The manual is very well designed and Rick Fisher does a first rate job delivering the material. Highly recommended.
    Richard Milot, FWS
    Certified Sommelier
    Ottawa, Canada
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