French Wine Scholar Online - Independent Study Format

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The package includes:

  • A comprehensive 330-page study manual with illustrations, maps, and graphics, available in print + e-book formats
  • 1-year access to our interactive and user-friendly e-learning platform including online learning modulespronunciation exercisesquizzes and flashcards
  • suggested schedule of study with learning objectives that provide detailed assessment criteria for mastery
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group 
  • An online exam sit (100 multiple choice questions).
Customer Reviews
5 1 5 Kevin Lee, FWS
Anyone with the slightest interest in learning more about French history, wine making techniques, terroir (and tasting world class wine through a program provider) should sign up - my understanding, appreciation and love of French wine has certainly increased since taking the course!
5 1 5 Tristan Dyer-Kindy
The Wine Scholar Guild has done an excellent job of creating a study program that appeals to those interested in expanding their knowledge of France and its wine industry. In depth, comprehensive, specific, this course was more detail than anticipated and a lot of fun! If you are a wine professional looking to hone your \"Franco-files\" or an avid wine enthusiast who wants to geek out a bit, this course is highly recommended.
5 1 5 Steve Gulsvig
Thank you for developing top notch online courses that are both foundational and fun. These courses not only allow me to bolster the academic side of my wine pursuits but enhance my subjective enjoyment of wine as well. I especially like that I can work at my own pace, check my progress with the online quizzes, and delve as deep as I want into the many aspects of French wine, all while being guided by passionate and informed instructors. To anyone looking for a way to learn more about French wine, these courses are a great value. Well done Wine Scholar Guild.
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5 1 5 Steve Gerkin, FWS
I enjoyed the hours, spent pouring over the manual and the online program. Both are excellent resources.
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5 1 5 William Seah
It is a very comprehensive and professional program which very few wine institution can come up with. I am totally impressed with the amount of knowledge I have gained during this learning period with the program which is a really powerful tool that I can employ in my wine career. The ease of studying this program online and a handy study manual makes learning about French wine so much fun and hassle free. Thank you Julien and Celine for providing this very meaningful and educational learning journey. Keep up this excellent work!
5 1 5 Donita Dyer
The detail provided in this course makes it impossible for a person NOT to learn MORE about French Wine! To become a scholar you need passion a smart and knowledgeable instructor and a fantastic course.
5 1 5 Christine Campbell
Do you like wine? Do you love French wine? If so - the French Wine Scholar program is for you. Very comprehensive with a historical and cultural component, this program truly furthers information and confidence about the best wine country in the world.
5 1 5 Matthew Anderson, FWS
Approachable, yet complex. The FWS program provides a foundation of knowledge that is both challenging and practical. The book helps make the connection between history, soil, and grapes; which is essential in understanding French wine.
5 1 5 Kim Wise
This was an excellent course with thorough materials and great instruction. I recommend it to anyone who wants to greatly expand their knowledge of French Wine. It\'s a \"must take\" course!
5 1 5 Ed Hodson
If you want to understand wine, understand French wine. Most fine wines the world over are made from grapes that are native to France. And with its state-of-the-art study programs, profoundly detailed texts and expert instruction, the Wine Scholar Guild is the best way to learn about the wines of France. --Ed Hodson, Certified Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers and WSET Diploma Student.
5 1 5 Yuko Dunham
The French Wine Scholar Program is a very interesting and informative program chocked full of information that one would not likely know as a consumer. In some respects, it was a difficult program because of the French terminology - it was like learning a new language on top of the wine curriculum, but I am so glad I took the class and I did walk away with a better understanding of the wine regions of France and the wine produced by them.
5 1 5 Winston Goh
Program is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive resources for learning about French wines. Kudos to FWS for doing a great job in putting together all the latest information on French wines and presenting it in a structured and easy to understand format.
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5 1 5 Jamie Tiy Bowton
The French Wine Scholar is the most comprehensive study of French Wine Regions of its kind. The materials are comprehensive, understandable, and extremely well laid out. Supporting materials on the website as well as the walk-throughs on the web site do an excellent job of adding more details and emphasizing certain points. I wish I had the access to similar materials for wine regions elsewhere in the world.
5 1 5 Nan McCreary
This is an outstanding program for anyone who wants to learn about French wines. I thought the information on the geological and cultural history of each area was especially useful in putting its wines in context with the entire country.
5 1 5 Elizabeth Clearihue
Absolutely love this program. I wrote the final last week. I write the WSET 3 final next week and am registered to start the WSET Diploma in October. This program has given me a huge leg up. I think the FWS program should be a mandatory part of wine education. I recommend this program to everyone I talk to that is in Wine studies. Looking forward to studying some of the Master Level programs and hopefully joining a trip here or there :) For any student who is serious about studying wine the FWS program is a must. The French Wine Scholar program gives one an in depth look at how entwined history and wine truly are. Material that is not covered through other courses. I highly recommend the FWS.
5 1 5 Coco Manni
I found this program to be everything I had hoped it would be. It has taken me to the next level in my journey as a sommelier. All of the materials were clearly written and easy to understand, and both the classroom instruction & the online course were great. I learned a ton, and highly recommend this program to anyone with the desire to dig deeply into the wines of France.
5 1 5 Muriel Sarik
I would recommend this program to anyone in the wine business. Knowledge of French wines can be helpful in all areas of the business, especially retailers, importers and travel agents/companies, since it is the French AOC system that is adopted by the Europe Union. This can also be advantageous when studying other wine regions in Europe. I would also recommend this to consumers and/or Francophiles. The program is easy to use and the process is fun.
5 1 5 Mark Dowling, FWS
Being just a wine enthusiast, and not having connections to the wine industry I had some apprehension as to whether I should be taking this course. It broadened my education in French wines immensely and was a wonderful opportunity to try many new wines which would have been difficult to do on my own. The opportunity to taste and compare with others is a valuable experience. The varieties of French wine can seem overwhelming and this course strengthened my enjoyment of French wine.
5 1 5 Kenneth Lai
This is a very comprehensive program on French wine. It comprises wide range of knowledge including history, geography, grapes types, wineray methods etc. Haing finished the class, you will definitely wants to fly over to France and visit Chateau. Highly recommend to any wine lover.
5 1 5 Adam Spraakman, FWS
This was a good setup for distance learning. Between the text book, online slideshows, and lectures, there was a large amount of information available. Great course, very educational, perfect for anyone who likes French wine!
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5 1 5 Adam Dromi
The French Wine Scholar program is the most in depth course available to study all the wine regions of France. If you want to learn about every single appellation and the wines of France, FWS is your best option. I truly enjoyed it and learned very much.
5 1 5 Frederick Olivier Makapugay, FWS
As an industry professional specifically in the sales and marketing of French wines, this course should not be overlooked. Essential content and material for the high level professional.
5 1 5 Natalie Leggett
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal about all the wine regions of France and there respective wines. I appreciated how all aspects of history, geography, varietals, soil composition, topography and legislation of each region were examined in order to convey a wine\'s unique sense of place and it\'s relationship to terroir. I also have a much better understanding of how to read a label after having taken this class.
5 1 5 Stephanie Lim Swee Peng, FWS
I have gained incredible insights of the historical context of each French wine regions. A very detailed account of each chapter and easy to follow study guide and online platform.
5 1 5 Lim Kean Chye, FWS
An exciting program which will broaden one\'s perspectives on French wines and culture. A plus for restaurant, hotel sommeliers and one in the wine industry.
5 1 5 Lonn D. Hess, FWS
This is an excellent program for anyone who wishes to know France. Both the book and the online studies are easy to read and well presented. I have always been a lover of everything French. I can not say enough about how much time and effort the Wine Scholar Guild puts into this program. This is a must-do study program.
5 1 5 Francine Lubera
I loved this class. I love French wines. It was a lot of material, but it was presented very well, and it just inspired me to want to go back to France and visit some of these regions. I didn\'t miss a class because it was so enjoyable. The wine tastings that complemented the region of the day was not only an added bonus, but it brought the wine regions to life for me.
5 1 5 Ted Contreras
The FWS program materials enable the serious and enthusiastic student of French wine to gain an impressive level of understanding. Brief sections of French history as it relates to the wine trade provide helpful context. Each chapter features well-written narratives of regions that capture the geography, geology, viticulture, and oenology that students clamor for in an engaging way. Finally, regional cuisine is covered such that wine-food matching traditions can be appreciated accordingly.
5 1 5 Scott Fisher, FWS
The French Wine Scholar program is a rewarding and enriching experience for anyone with an interest in wines of the world. Because of France\'s unique place in the history of wine, learning about how each location, soil type and climate changes the expression of the grape makes shopping for wine a satisfying and thrilling adventure, and makes finding the right wine for a special (or even an everyday) meal enjoyable and fulfilling. Recommended to anyone with an interest in food and wine.
5 1 5 Heath Richardson , FWS
This is the place to go if you\'re looking to broaden your knowledge on the subject of the wines of France. There is no more thoroughly researched treatise written on the wines of France than the French Wine Scholar manual. It covers everything ... from the fascinating history behind the areas under vine to the in depth research into the multitude of cultivars and their origins , plus the influence of climate change going forward. The best thing about it all is that the presentation makes it fun.
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