Bordeaux Master-Level Distance-Learning Package

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A comprehensive study and certificate program on the wines of Bordeaux.

The Distance-Learning study package includes:

  • The Bordeaux Study Manual (updated in 2018)
  • 15 recorded webinars presented by world-renowned Bordeaux experts
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group organized by students enrolled in the online program
  • Preparatory reading assignments, online study module and review quiz
  • All webinars are available for on-demand replay (up to one year from the time of registration)
  • Access to instructors via the Q&A forum
  • Preparatory Online Study Modules & Quizzes
  • Online, proctored exam sit*
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*Online exam candidates must have a computer (tablet not compatible), a good internet connection, a webcam and a microphone with speakers for proctoring purposes.

*Candidate has one year from registration date to take the exam. When ready and at least 1 month in advance of preferred exam date, the candidate should contact the WSG office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule the exam.



Customer Reviews
5 1 5 Christianna Sargent on Jan 24, 2019
I am truly enjoying this Bordeaux class. Content covers great depth, and the seminars are absolutely wonderful. The amount of work you've put into this definitely shows. Best educational class I've taken. Thank you!
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5 1 5 Shaun Tucker, FWS
I just want to thank you and Lisa for putting this program together. It really is a great format, excellent content, interaction and superb webinars.
5 1 5 Clyde Woode
Thank you to Lisa, Dewey, Julien and all the Instructors of the Bordeaux Masters Course. This is an excellent course for both novice and more experienced Bordeaux aficionado's. The course work was well done, up to date and well articulated by the instructors while being both concise and comprehensive given the large scope of the subject. I have taught wine to both professionals and consumers for over 8 years now and really appreciate the effort, skill sets and knowledge that was part of this great course. Thanks again for the great job and the nostalgic trip covering many a Chateaux that I once imported in the 1980's. I am looking forward to the next Master's level class!
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5 1 5 William Englehaupt, FWS
Very well done program with outstanding curriculum, faculty and support. Very comprehensive study of all aspects of Bourdeaux, from the history, applelations and the business and economics. Let me add my thank you's to Lisa, Dewey, Julien and all the Instructors of the Bordeaux Masters Course.
5 1 5 John Stubblefield
Julien, the webinar was excellent. Content was great. I was extemely impressed with the cadence of the presentation. Honestly, Dewey answered many questions that we receive in classes.
5 1 5 Julie Denham
Bravo on Modules 1 and II and last Monday's webinar with Dewey - great material and very well presented. I still marvel at how accessible you make this information for the relative novices among us!
5 1 5 Rosalind Angoff, FWS
Thanks for all you are doing to get this Bordeaux Masters Program up to such a professional level. I have enjoyed each of the lectures and loved the guest lecturers and the context that each of them added. I know it took a ton of work to coordinate and it is greatly appreciated.
5 1 5 Susan Keyes
I have learned so much and enjoyed the well written material as well as the professional webinars. Our proctor here in the northeast (Jo Ann Ross) has been spectacular and very helpful. I look forward to taking the next course.
5 1 5 Kyle Whitney, FWS
I loved the course. I was truly a joy to participate. You and Lisa did a fantastic job putting it all together. Dewey is a terrific teacher, and the other “color” sessions supplemented the main classes perfectly.rn rnI had to really watch the Webinar’s twice. Once as sort of an overview, and possibly ask questions, and second time to take notes. It was great to be able to stop and back up the lecture to make sure the notes are correct. You can’t do that in college.
5 1 5 Charles Warner
This course continues the high standards of the French Wine Scholar Program with excellent study materials and fantastic additional videos and webinars. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning more about wine in general and Bordeaux in particular.
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5 1 5 Christopher Ruhland, FWS
It is comprehensive, well-structured, and very effective at explaining Bordeaux\'s wines. The video lectures by Dewey Markham are the very best online wine presentations I have seen.
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