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Spanish Wine Scholar™

Spanish Wine Scholar™ study & certification program

Spanish Wine Scholar™ study & certification program

Save the Date! Spanish Wine Scholar launches in:

Launches October 14th 2019!

The Spanish Wine Scholar™ education program is a Spanish wine course designed to provide committed students of wine with the most advanced and comprehensive specialization study program on Spanish wine bar none!

It is being created by Spanish wine specialist Rick Fisher, Spanish Wine Scholar Education Director.

The Spanish Wine Scholar™ study program mirrors the unparalleled level of depth, accuracy, detail and academic rigor offered by the acclaimed French Wine Scholar™ program.

It confers wine professionals and enthusiasts who successfully pass the certification exam the Spanish Wine Scholar title and SWS post-nominal (Ex: John Smith, SWS).

"Wines from Spain is pleased to have had the opportunity to witness and consult on the development of this much needed and important Spanish Wine Scholar program since its inception. The program showcases the richness of Spanish wines - their authenticity, huge diversity and  premium quality -  combined with the rich culture and history that gave rise to their origins.  The program offers a great opportunity for those who want to widen their knowledge of the wines from Spain."
ALFONSO JANEIRO DIEZ, Head of Wines From Spain


The Spanish Wine Scholar program will launch according to the following schedule:

Pre-launch phase for wine educators:

- Oct 2018: Application for wine educators opens. (update: now closed with 120 educators from around the world enrolled)
- Feb 2019: Study Manuals shipped to approved wine educators.
- Jan-May 2019: Review webinars for educators
- June 2019: Certification exams begin for educators

General Public Launch:

- October 2019: The course becomes available to students of wine from around the world in both distance-learning and classroom-learning formats. Registration for distance-learning format opens September 2019.


Earn the Spanish Wine Scholar™ (SWS) post-nominal online via the independent study format or enroll in the 15-week instructor-led format with 8 live review webinars. 

The Spanish Wine scholar™ distance-learning format includes:


  • A suggested schedule of study with learning objectives for each region
  • Live review webinars with Rick Fisher SWS Education Director*
  • Online quizzes and learning games for self-evaluation
  • Downloadable maps of all Spanish wine regions
  • Pronunciation exercises to boosts your credibility
  • A list of recommended wines to sample on your own or in a tasting group hosted by students enrolled in the online program

*Instructor-led format only

Pricing for the online study formats:

Independent study format

Price: $595

15-week instructor-led format
starts Oct. 14th 2019

Price: $790


Click here to see the difference between instructor-led vs independent study format.


Spanish Wine Scholar™ classes will be offered by approved program providers.  This study format includes:

  • Classroom instruction with tutored tastings
  • SWS study manual
  • Access to the SWS online study modules & quizzes
  • In-classroom exam sit

All SWS program providers teach from the same Wine Scholar Guild-developed Powerpoint presentations and are supplied with uniform teaching materials.

Naturally, each instructor has a unique teaching style, the wine selection will vary by market, the class length and class structure (weekly, biweekly, weekends etc.) will vary from location to location, but the content will be the same no matter where you take the class. For many, the classroom experience helps to hammer home the theory; a tutored tasting component brings each region to life. Many students find the set “schedule” helpful in keeping on top of their studies.

There are over 60 WSG program providers in 25+ countries on 5 continents.



The Spanish Wine Scholar course is composed of 10 chapters:

  • Chapter One - The Foundation
  • Chapter Two - Green Spain
  • Chapter Three - The Duero River Valley
  • Chapter Four - La Rioja
  • Chapter Five - The Ebro River Valley
  • Chapter Six - Cataluña
  • Chapter Seven - The Central Mediterranean Coast
  • Chapter Eight - The Meseta
  • Chapter Nine - Andalucía
  • Chapter Ten - The Islands

Stay tuned and become one of the first to become a Spanish Wine Scholar and earn your SWS post-nominal!


"SWS is the only real complete study program on the wines of Spain. It not only covers all winemaking regions of Spain, but it also gives an in-depth understanding of the history and culture of this extremely exciting wine country.”
Jonas Tofterup, MW, Owner of Iberian Wine Academy in Malaga, Spain

Meet Rick Fisher... Spanish Wine Scholar™ Education Director

Rick Fisher lives and breathes Spain.

Part Catalan, Rick’s passion for his Spanish heritage and a desire to educate others about Spanish culture, food, and wine led him to create Bodega: Eat. Drink. Explore. ESPAÑA! (www.bodegaspanishwine.com) in 2009.

He has also been a contributor to the Spanish and Portuguese wine site, CataVino as well as Glass of Bubbly, a UK-based magazine focusing on sparkling wine.

Meet Rick

Mapping Spain with Quentin Sadler

By Rick Fisher, Spanish Wine Scholar Program™ Education Director

In the search for a mapmaker for the Spanish Wine Scholar™ program, I was somehow led to Quentin Sadler.

I didn’t think it possible to find someone with the same love and passion for Spain as I have, but I sure did in Quentin! It obvious our collaboration on this program was meant to be. His work is incredible and we both are committed to making this program the gold standard in Spanish wine education.

Quentin has more than 30 years in the wine trade and holds the Diploma from WSET. He is a passionate London-based wine educator, communicator, educator, blogger, and mapmaker.

Q1.    Quentin, you have been in the wine business for quite a while.  What have been the most rewarding and/or exciting moments for you?

Ah, what a great question. So many things have happened to me in my 34 years involved in wine. My first time being in print as a wine writer was pretty special, as was being a guest of the
Russian Orthodox monks on Mount Athos - which is a rare honour - to see the vineyards there.

However, right now creating a truly definitive set of Spanish wine maps for the Wine Scholar Guild is really exciting for me. It pulls all my interests together from my love of Spain, my love of wine and my desire to create. So, I am finding that very rewarding.

Q2.    How long have you been designing wine maps?  What type of research goes into creating an accurate wine map?

I have been creating maps for around 15 years now. Originally, they were pretty rudimentary and just for my own use, but I have become more ambitious and more skilled over time.

The research can be very difficult as almost no sources are consistent. Just making sure a river is in the right place can be really tricky and time consuming. As for ensuring the wine regions are correct, sometimes that drives me mad. I have to plot each wine region municipality by municipality, which can make me go a bit cross eyed at times. I guess the pain is worth it though!

Q3.    I know you have a special place in your heart for Spain.  Can you explain?

Meet Quentin

"The Spanish Wine Scholar Program is the industry's most up-to date and  in-depth course on the wines of Spain. The level of detail and quality of the materials make this program a mandatory course for any serious student of wine. Viva España !"
Monica Marin, DipWSET, Director of Education programs , The Wine House – Los Angeles

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