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Spanish WIne Scholar™

Spanish Wine Scholar™ (SWS)

Spanish Wine Scholar™ (SWS)

Embark on the most advanced and comprehensive specialization program on Spain bar none!

In response to both instructor and student requests, the Wine Scholar Guild (formerly French Wine Society) has decided to extend its advanced specialization study program offerings to include the wines of Spain.

The Spanish Wine Scholar program will launch in 2018. Stay tuned and become one of the first to become a Spanish Wine Scholar and earn your SWS post-nominal!


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Meet Rick Fisher... Spanish Wine Scholar Program Developer

Rick Fisher lives and breathes Spain.

Part Catalan, Rick’s passion for his Spanish heritage and a desire to educate others about Spanish culture, food, and wine led him to create Bodega: Eat. Drink. Explore. ESPAÑA! (www.bodegaspanishwine.com) in 2009.

He has also been a contributor to the Spanish and Portuguese wine site, CataVino as well as Glass of Bubbly, a UK-based magazine focusing on sparkling wine. 


Spanish Wine Scholar... soon available in over 10 countries on 5 continents!

The Spanish Wine Scholar™ program will soon be offered by the Wine Scholar Guild's Program Provider network.

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