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On which platform do WSG Lives take place?

We use Zoom for our WSG Lives. Simply click the link provided 5 minutes before the event starts. No Zoom account is necessary to join. 

What time do WSG Lives take place?

12:00 EST on Wednesdays (unless otherwise noted). 

How do I add an upcoming WSG to my calendar?

Log into your account. Find the upcoming WSG Live you wish to add. Hover over the image and click the small calendar icon on the upper right corner. Choose the calendar of your choice and click to add this. You can also add to your calendar from the page itself on the upper right corner. Your calendar reminder will include the Zoom link to the WSG Live. 

Once you're on the page for a WSG Live or Replay, click the small link icon in the upper right hand corner and click "Copy Link". You can now share via email or on social media!

How can I see the WSG Live time displayed in my local time?

First log in to your account. As a WSG member, you can see the time displayed in your local time. The first time connecting, you will need to set your local time. 

How do I access WSG Studio?

I'm a WSG Member

  • Click here to access WSG Studio
  • Log into your WSG account by clicking Log In on the upper right corner


I'm not yet a WSG Member

  • Start by finding a WSG Live or WSG Replay you wish to watch
  • Click the WSG Live or WSG Replay, and press WATCH NOW 
  • Create a free account and you will receive a one-time code valid for the viewing of 1 WSG Live or 1 WSG Replay



WSG Studio

WSG Studio

Keep your wine education journey in motion! WSG Studio is the largest hub of live and streaming wine education content. More Info
Interactive Learning Center

Interactive Learning Center

Keep learning with wine region map exercises, learning games, quizzes, and pronunciation exercises. More Info
WSG Community

WSG Community

Download our Italian, Spanish and French Wine maps, print them, frame them or write on them! Wine maps are a very powerful tool to support your wine studies. More Info
Discounts & Specials

Discounts & Specials

WSG members enjoy a variety of discounts, perks, and benefits on wine related books, merchandise, and more! More Info
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