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Riesling isn’t the first grape we think of when considering “international varieties.” Yet it thrives from the suntraps of Napa Valley to the cool valleys of the Antipodes.

In this WSG Live, we will briefly examine the origins of Riesling, trace its early spread through Germany, and then zero in on the surprising range of regions where it thrives today: Alsace, Austria, Luxembourg, Northern Italy, the U.S. West Coast, Michigan, and New York, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

With a focus on the terroir, traditions, and innovations that affect the style in each place, we will uncover what makes Riesling so well-suited to such a wild array of climates, soil types, trellising styles, and winemaking approaches.  

Presenter: Valerie Kathawala

Valerie Kathawala is a New York City-based writer specializing in the wines of Austria, Germany, South Tyrol, and Switzerland.

She is a lifelong student of German culture and language and has lived, studied, and worked in both Germany and Austria. Valerie holds a WSET advanced certification and has hands-on harvest and cellar experience in two of Riesling’s spiritual homelands: the Mosel and the Finger Lakes.

Valerie’s work appears in SevenFifty Daily, Pipette, Glug, Meininger’s Wine Business International, Pellicle, WineFolly, The Vintner Project, and more. She is co-founder and co-editor of the wine magazine Trink

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Even away from the textbook regions of the Mosel and Rhine, Germany’s wine culture flourishes. Riesling and slate are less dominant, a wider array of varieties and terroirs step into the spotlight, all defined more by proximity to forests and mountains than rivers thanks to their comparatively warmer climates. Underestimated, sometimes even by the Germans themselves, these are four large yet very distinct regions we should all be watching far more closely. They offer a vibrant mix of outstanding estates producing superb classic wines from singular terroirs and individualists revitalizing unjustly forgotten sites through attentive viticulture and a thrilling openness to stylistic experimentation.

Presenter: Valerie Kathawala

Valerie Kathawala is a writer specializing in the wines of Germany, Austria, northern Italy, and eastern Switzerland. Her particular interest is in biodynamics and regenerative viticulture. She is a regular contributor to wine-focused print and digital publications around the world. In October 2020, she and co-editor Paula Redes Sidore launched TRINK magazine, the first English-language journal dedicated to "German-speaking" wines. Valerie lives with her family in New York City and (when circumstances allow!) travels regularly to the "umlaut regions" she loves. 

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Some of the steepest vineyards in the world, one of the coolest climates and the most delicate grape varieties: All these superlatives allow Germany to produce world class wines which are so unique because of their origin.

This session will present the six wine regions of the Northwest: Ahr, Mosel, Mittelrhein, Nahe, Rheingau and Rheinhessen. After a general introduction topics like history, geography and wine styles will be explored.

Presenter: Caro Maurer MW

In 2011 Caro Maurer MW became the first female Master of Wine from the German speaking countries. Since more than 25 years Caro is working as a wine writer. Caro also works as a wine educator for WSET Diploma in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bordeaux, Tuscany and Norway. She is deeply involved in the education of MW students at the Institute of Masters of Wine where she is also chair of the Admission Committee and member of the Council. Furthermore Caro is hosting educational seminars and tastings for numerous generic wine associations such as Wine Australia, Wines of Alentejo or VDP. She is judging in international wine competitions, at Decanter WWA in London she is a panel chair. Besides, Caro is consulting the wine buying team of Edeka, Germany’s biggest supermarket chain.

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