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In this WSG Live, we will explore the great wines of Europe crafted in some of the most intense situations. Appellations such as: Valtellina, the Mosel, the Cinque Terre, Lanzarote, and more!

Join us to explore the magical house of cards which allows these wines to exist under such extreme circumstances: terroir conditions, human ingenuity and passion. Discover the serendipity of the elements aligning to craft some of the most beautiful wines in the world, from the most extreme places.

Presenter: Tanya Morning Star

Tanya Morning Star is the owner of Cellar Muse Wine School in Seattle Washington where she teaches the French, Italian, and Spanish Wine Scholar certification courses, she is proud to have been named French Wine Scholar Instructor of the Year in 2018. Tanya is an approved WSET instructor for L1-L4 curriculums and is faculty at South Seattle College where she is a professor of Wine History and has developed many wines of the world curriculums. She is an Official Ambassador of Bourgogne Wines, and the Official Ambassador of Orvieto Wines, and works frequently in both France and Italy.

Tanya holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York Universitys Tisch School of the Arts, is a Certified Wine Educator, has completed the WSET curriculums through Diploma Level, and has passed the Bourgogne Master, Provence Master, and Champagne Master Levels, all in the top scorer category.
Tanya brings joy into studying to help students find their path to success.

Published in Viticulture

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