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Wine has, since its discovery in Neolithic times, been one of the most powerful tools at human disposal for alleviating physical and emotional suffering. It is no surprise that wine has also historically been one of the Western Civilization's most important trade commodities, a driving force of culture, politics, war, art, and spirituality. It is therefore only natural that gender politics would play a huge role in the history of such a powerful commodity.

This master class will explore the roles and contributions of women in the wine trade from antiquity to the present, the systematic political and social obstacles faced by women, and how women have overcome to make significant and meaningful contributions. Through examining the history and the structural framework of our society we can be guided into a more vibrant and inclusive present and future for women in wine!

Presenter: Tanya Morning Star

Tanya Morning Star is a full-time wine educator with nearly 3 decades of industry experience. Her school Cellar Muse is the approved program provider for Wine Scholar Certifications (French, Italian, and Spanish) in the Seattle area. She also teaches WSET coursework and is Faculty at the Northwest Wine Academy at South Seattle College.

Tanya has a background in art history and the history of the theatre through her undergraduate work at Sorbonne and New York University. Tanya has always sought to find deeper context and meaning through her work, and to connect her work in wine to her passion for culture, food, and storytelling. Studying history has always been a natural extension of those pursuits and her personal passion.

Since 2012, Tanya has been a professor of Wine History at South Seattle College, where she developed two, three-credit college courses collectively covering the history of wine from Antiquity to the Modern Age. Through developing and teaching these courses over the years, Tanya became acutely aware of the greater politics of gender inequity in Western Civilization as it plays out in the story of wine. She also became keen on understanding the systemic nature of exclusion towards women in the world of wine and deeply drawn towards the amazing stories of Women’s successes, triumphs, and contributions throughout wine history. This lecture represents some of the highlights of this journey.

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Monday, 22 October 2012 05:00

Wine and Politics with Stephen Charters MW


Much as some wine lovers think that their drink is an escape from the real world, the wine industry - and what we drink - is intimately linked to political events and processes. This even extends to the grape varieties which are planted in much of the world. This webinar is going to explore the relationship of wine and politics and will end by examining the development of the South African wine industry as a case study of the field.

Presenter: Dr. Steve Charters MW, MA (Oxon), PhD (ECU).

Steve Charters originally qualified as a lawyer in the UK but was seduced by the allure of wine, and worked in retail and wine education in London, Sydney and Perth. Steve is now Professor of Champagne Management at Reims Management School, responsible for developing teaching and research programmes focusing on all aspects of the business of Champagne. He formerly lectured in Wine Studies and Marketing at Edith Cowan University in Perth. He is involved in research focusing on consumer behaviour, including wine tourism and consumer perceptions of quality in wine and on management expertise in the wine industry. He gained his PhD from Edith Cowan University in 2004, for a thesis entitled Perceptions of Wine Quality. He is a member of the Institute of Masters of Wine having passed its examination in 1997. Before joining Edith Cowan University Steve ran his own wine education consultancy in Sydney. He has also worked in wine retail in Sydney, for a company involved in importing wine.

In 1997 Steve was the winner of the Australian Vin de Champagne Award (professional section). He has wide and current knowledge of a number of international wine areas, but focusing mainly on Champagne and Australia. He has also worked for vintage on a winery in France. Steve has written columns for the Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine. He is the author of Wine and society: The social and cultural context of a drink, published by Elsevier in 2006 and has also contributed to a number of popular books on wine including The Oxford Companion to Wine (OUP, 2006), Discovering Australia: Wineries (Random House 1999) and The Global Encyclopedia of Wine (Global Publishing, 2000).

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