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Lebanon is home to one of the oldest wine cultures in the world that can be traced as far back as 7000 years ago. Ancient Phoenicians had a well-developed wine industry and were spreading the knowledge of winemaking all throughout the Mediterranean. But how much of those ancient origins can be seen in the modern Lebanese wines?

Currently there is a renaissance happening in the Lebanese wine world. Ancestral grapes and winemaking techniques that were long forgotten are now being highlighted and revived by the new generation of talented winemakers.

In this webinar we will discuss the fascinating and exciting past, present and future of the Lebanese wine. We will talk about the numerous challenges but also the incredible potential of this very special wine region.

Presenter: Vitalii Dascaluic

Vitalii Dascaliuc was born in the Republic of Moldova, a country with one of the oldest wine cultures in the world. He was first exposed to wine through the rural wine-making of his grandparents.

He is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers and holds the WSET Advanced level certificate. He is also a wine judge for The Ultimate Wine Challenge and The International Wine Competition. He is currently one of the buyers at Domestique Wine in DC and is a wine educator at La Compagnie Des Vins Surnaturels in NYC.

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Meet Coravin founder Greg Lambrecht and master the Coravin system during this upcoming educational webinar!

Join us for a special educational webinar with Coravin founder Greg Lambrecht. Bring along your Coravin and a favorite bottle for a hands-on, step by step instruction on how to most effectively use the Coravin system. Greg will also be giving you tips on how the Coravin can help you throughout your wine studies and pointers on how the Coravin can be used for the conservation of your wines.

We have been working with Coravin to put together an exclusive discount on the Coravin Wine Education Bundle for WSG members. Click HERE to take advantage of this discount! 

Presenter: Greg Lambrecht

Greg Lambrecht is the inventor, founder and board member of Coravin. Mr. Lambrecht is also founder and executive director of Intrinsic Therapeutics, Inc., a venture-backed medical device company focused on addressing the needs of patients with spinal disorders. In addition, Mr. Lambrecht is also the founder and board member of Viacor, Inc., a start-up medical device company in the Boston area.

Previously, Greg was Vice President of Product Development & Marketing at Stryker, a global orthopedic implant company where he directed the development and launch of numerous successful orthopedic implants. Mr. Lambrecht also held various management positions within Pfizer Medical Technology Group, where he directed and implemented a breakthrough process for inventing and developing new technologies.

Mr. Lambrecht holds Masters of Science in Medical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds numerous patents in the fields of gynecology, general surgery, cardiology, and orthopedics. 

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Across the world, the coronavirus pandemic has temporarily closed classrooms and required students to learn their course material entirely from home. At the Wine Scholar Guild, many new enrollments have shifted to the online wine study option for the foreseeable future. In fact, many students now find themselves with more time on their hands as they are required to stay home and adopt “social distancing” to their daily routine.

It is important to note that at-home learning can require very different skills not applied in a classroom setting. Whether you are new to distance learning or eager for ideas on how to improve your studying practice, we’ve compiled 12 helpful study tips to help you make the most of your at-home wine education.

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The Wine Scholar Guild welcomes the Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) for a webinar presenting an introduction to the IMW and the Masters of Wine (MW) study programme to WSG members as well as past and current WSG students.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the most prestigious title in the world of wine.

Join this session to understand the appeal of joining the world's most influential wine community. The session will provide in-depth information about the MW study programme including entrance requirements, programme structure and assessment information as well as an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the programme from the Institute’s, Head of Study Programme and Development Olivier Chapman.

Presenter: Olivier Chapman

Olly is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Master of Wine Study Programme, including promoting the programme across the globe, recruiting students, supporting those preparing to sit the MW exam and managing the Institute’s examination logistics.

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Monday, 25 January 2016 05:00

Matt Coleman, FWS

Congratulations Matt Coleman, FWS for passing the French Wine Scholar exam with honors! Matt Coleman is General Manager and Sommelier at Crossings Restaurant in South Pasadena, CA. Matt is pursuing his wine education with the Court of Master Sommeliers and reflects on how his French Wine Scholar studies has and will help him:

"I feel that the Court of Master Sommeliers and Wine Scholar Guild work hand in hand. I am confident that with the preparation on French theory with FWS it will prepare me for the Court of Masters level 3 and 4"

1)    Please let us know more about yourself and your passion for wine.

My interest with wine sparked while working at a local steakhouse in Pasadena that had a large wine program. At the time I was an Assistant Manager and from time to time I would sit in for wine tastings at the restaurant with the General Manager. I was able to get familiar with labels and varietals at a leisurely pace.  When I became the General Manager and wine buyer I quickly realized that I had to start learning more about wine.

2)    Please tell us more about your wine studies. What other wine certification programs have you followed and passed? If any, how do you think the FWS program complemented/added to your previous wine studies?

So, my good friend Manny and I decided to take Level 1 with the Court of Master Sommeliers and we passed. If you ask Manny, he’d tell you I was a wreck at the end. I found it all so over whelming. We started studying right away for Level 2 with the Court of Master that’s when our soon to be good friend Elliot, joined our group. Tasting and studying with them gave me a personal goal to try and catch up to them. They were amazing!

The big day came and we took Level 2 with Court of Masters. Once again nerves got a good hold on me. I was very lucky to have Manny and Elliot to keep me focused. We all passed and Elliot got top score of the class! I felt so privileged to have surrounded myself with two great gentlemen.

During the study period for Level 2, I had the opportunity to help my friend, Patrick, open his own restaurant, Crossings in South Pasadena. He gave me the opportunity to have a large influence on the opening bar and wine programs. We now do the list together as a team and have fun with wine maker dinners. As I explored my studies I am able to influence the wine list at the same rate.

Once Level 2 was complete, the wine bug had set in. There was nothing that could stop my studies. I learned about the Wine Scholar Guild from wine tasting classes at the Neptune School of Wine in Costa Mesa with Master Sommelier Peter Neptune. His class was brilliant and I was able to taste wines from many wine regions of France. Peter spoke so highly of the Wine Scholar Guild that the information couldn’t be rivaled. I completely agree! The format gives you an abundance of information without being over whelming while keeping my interest piqued the whole time!!! It was fun! I even canceled my cable TV so I could study more and not be distracted!

Please tell us how you think the FWS program will help you further your wine passion/carrier moving forward.

I recently passed the French Wine Scholar with honors! It took me a little longer but I am enthralled with the material. I quickly signed up for the Master-Level of Bourgogne right after. I feel that the Court of Master Sommeliers and French Wine Scholar work hand in hand. I am confident that with the preparation on French theory with FWS it will prepare me for the Court of Master Sommeliers level 3 and 4. The learning process has been so enjoyable that I don’t want it to ever stop.

I now see that the road to Master-Level will be a long journey that can’t be rushed. I look forward to taking advantage of everything the French Wine Society has to offer on my way to Level 3 (and 4) with Court of Masters!

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