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Endorsements & Testimonials

Italian Wine Scholar - Testimonials


We thank the following individuals, corporations and consortia for their endorsements and testimonials.


“Italian wine is a complicated topic and your fine work cuts through what could be an overwhelming course of study and makes it very approachable”

"The first edition of the Italian Wine Scholar Unit 1 study manual is rich in details and a great read"

"a scholarly work that is amazingly approachable and accessible, especially considering its comprehensive, encylopedic nature"

"Invaluable for both the wine professional and dedicated enthusiast alike"

"...an invaluable tool vital to a student’s success in learning about the world’s most diverse wine country"

"WSG has created an impressive and comprehensive curriculum in the ever-changing and always complicated world of Italian wine"

"It’s a superb resource to study and dig deep into the wines of Northern Italy"

"It is tightly edited and focused, with a great collection of maps and other graphics as well.”

"The information is comprehensive, the writing is engaging and the format is easy to follow. Congratulations!"

"In one word, the first edition of Italian Wine Scholar Unit 1 study manual is “Exceptional”!"

"An immediate must for the trade at all levels and for any interested consumer.  Bravo!"

"I was very excited to read your first foray into Italy…it did not disappoint!"

"I am impressed by the thoroughness of research that has gone into the Italian Wine Scholar study manual"

"Committed students of wine will love the Italian Wine Scholar manual..."

"I am very impressed with the first edition of the Italian Wine Scholar Unit 1 study manual."

"I have devoured the Italian Wine Scholar manual and found it incredibly well written"

Italian Wine Scholar - Endorsements

  • "We are delighted to support this educational program dedicated to the Wines of Italy"
    Italian Trade Commission
  • "I nostri complimenti per il Vostro lavoro: eccellente"/“Our compliments for your work: excellent"
    Consorzio Vini del Trentino
  • The manual is really well-made, the information on the territory very detailed and accurately researched."
    Consorzio Vini Alto Adige - Südtirol
  • Consorzio Barbera d'Asti e Vini del Monferrato

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