Nicholas Poletto
Director of Education at Kobrand Corporation
Nicholas Poletto

"I was very excited to read your first foray into Italy…it did not disappoint. 

Once again, you have compiled a wine manual that is truly scholarly.  The Italian Wine Scholar manual is comprehensive, complete and very well structured.

Your format of starting with the history, moving to topography and climate, explaining in depth the grape varietals and ending with thorough explanation of the appellations is seamless.  You have obviously done your homework and compiled the right scholars to help create this wine manual.

With the online program, the different avenues for learning this information, all available through your course, is truly remarkable.  From video with your Italian expert (Maurizio Broggi DWS, FWS), to videos on the book material to going through power point slides, is really fantastic.  It permits all students to learn through different teaching techniques.  Whether it is maps, video, power point or just reading, this course contains it all."


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