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    The Science of Wine Tasting (Full Series)

    The Science of Wine Tasting Series (Full Series)

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    US$325.00 each

    The Science of Wine Tasting Series is designed to help students of wine sharpen their tasting skills and master the latest scientific advancements in wine chemistry and sensory evaluation.

    It is composed of four segments, each focusing on a specific aspect of wine evaluation:

    • The Neuroscience of Wine Tasting with Gabriel Lepousez (Jan. 11 - Feb. 1)
    • Molecular Harmonies with François Chartier (Feb 8 - Mar. 15)
    • Beyond Flavour with Nick Jackson MW (Apr. 12 - 26)
    • Understanding and Identifying Wine Faults with Jamie Goode (May. 10 - Jun. 21)

    Each of the four segments is composed of three to four live, online presentations.

    You will receive instructions on how to access the webinars. 
    All webinars start at 12:00 noon ET. 
    You will be able to access the webinar recordings for 365 days.

    SEGMENT 1: The Neuroscience of Wine Tasting with Gabriel Lepousez

    The strength of an experienced wine taster is knowledge of self and his or her senses. In this three-part series, Gabriel Lepousez will explore cutting-edge research in sensory perception so that wine professionals may describe wine with precision and accuracyimprove their sense of smell, and combine both emotional and analytical approaches to wine tasting so that both “viewing angles” enrich and empower their wine analysis.

    Jan. 11 - Feb. 1 | Detailed schedule available HERE

    SEGMENT 2: Molecular Harmonies with François Chartier

    In this three-part series, François Chartier will explore the aromatic science of molecular harmonies between specific “aromas families” in wine and food and the aromatic links or bridges that tie them together. Using sauvignon blanc and sparkling wine like Cava as case studies, he will also demonstrate how to create recipes inspired by and for wine.

    Feb 8 - Mar. 15 | Detailed schedule available HERE

    Students registered for this segment are encouraged to purchase François Chartier's book Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food, Wine, and Flavor available HERE

    SEGMENT 3: Beyond Flavour with Nick Jackson MW

    Nick Jackson, MW, passed all of his Master of Wine exams on first attempt. He attributes the success of his blind identification exercises to a novel methodology of assessing a wines acidity and tannin to gauge a wine’s identity.

    Learn how and why the level, type and shape of acidity in white wine and the level, type and location of tannin in red wine goes well beyond flavor to navigate the tumultuous seas of blind identification.

    Apr. 12 - 26 | Detailed schedule available HERE

    Students registered for this segment are encouraged to purchase Nick Jackson's book Beyond Flavour: The Indispensable Handbook to Blind Wine Tasting available HERE

    SEGMENT 4: Understanding and Identifying Wine Faults with Jamie Goode

    Jamie Goode will define the origin and describe the identifiers of some of the most prevalent wine faults/taints in this four-part series: TCA, brettanomyces, reduction/volatile sulphur compounds, oxidation, volatile acidity, smoke taint, eucalyptus, geosmin, mouse taint, and ropiness.

    May. 10 - Jun. 21 | Detailed schedule available HERE

    Students registered for this segment are encouraged to purchase Jamie Goode's book Flawless: Understanding Faults in Wine available 


    • Eric Sheridan on Feb 17, 2021
      Fantastic session, wine science presented in meaningful way to non-scientists!
    • Atul Patel on Feb 17, 2021
      This is an excellent course that really examines the science behind tastings and debunks many of the misunderstandings and hyperbole that goes on in the wine industry. It helps you understand how your mind works with your sense of smell and taste buds and also how different people experience taste. A must for anyone serious about wine and wine tasting and wine education.
    • Wendy Smyth on Feb 17, 2021
      This program opens up a completely new way of thinking about and approaching the art of wine tasting. There are many revelations throughout the sessions that qualify as "ah-ha" moments. Dr. Lepousez's easy manner and obvious mastery of his subject give much to his students. I am already thinking about and proceeding through the tasting process differently, using some of the knowledge I was so fortunate to gain through this fabulous segment.
    • Alessandro Tommasi on Feb 17, 2021
      Excellent course, well structured and presented. Wish to have more modules like this
    • Karen Sutherland, FWS on Feb 17, 2021
      I have taken the WSET Diploma and just finished a just Masters in Vineyard and Winery Management in Bordeaux which included regular tasting seminars. The Neuroscience of Wine Tasting courses by Gabriel Lepousez far exceed any descriptions or course information I have ever received on the technical and physical aspects of what happens during wine tasting. Understanding what happens in the mouth, the nose, how information is transmitted to the brain will definitely allow me to better understand what I might be sensing and tasting, make me a better taster and should allow me to better catalogue and retain the particularities of each wine I taste. As many noted during the course, there was so much new information, it was very exciting to participate in the course. Thank you Gabriel!!
    • Andrew Belcher on Feb 17, 2021
      Gabriel was very engaging presenter and put across what is a complicated topic in a way that made it easier to follow. The detail on the slides helped with my understanding. People will look at tasting in a different way.
    • Al Seicshnaydre on Feb 17, 2021
      I highly recommend this seminar for both wine professionals and enthusiastic wine lovers
    • Arnica Rowan on Feb 17, 2021
      Not only did I find this seminar fascinating, but I learned some very practical techniques to improve my own tasting ability. Gabriel is a great instructor, and I highly recommend the seminar series.
    • Barbara Cohen on Feb 17, 2021
      I have always enjoyed wine, but now at age 65 I have begun to study my love of wine. At first I thought this topic would be too much science/chemistry for me, but I was wrong. This program was taught in a perfect way of reaching advanced students and explanations in a way that included beginning students. As a retired professor, this is an attribute I admire. The slides were the right amount and the lectures that accompanied the slide provided much insight. I am thrilled to have gained this knowledge and sincerely congratulate Gabriel on this presentation. I know think of my tasting in a more complex way. Thank you.
    • Susan Manfull on Feb 17, 2021
      Dr. Lepousez took a complicated subject and made it understandable and fascinating. His examples were spot on and drove home concepts directly relevant to wine tasting. Between classes, I found myself talking about the neuroscience of wine tasting to anyone who would listen and eagerly awaiting the next segment! Simply outstanding!
    • Michaela Morris on Feb 17, 2021
      From my Instagram post: Just wrapped up the last session of The Neuroscience of Wine Tasting - part of @winescholarguild Science of Wine Tasting series. It was worth every penny and more!!! An absolutely fascinating deep dive into the workings of the brain and our sensory perception. Presenter Gabriel Lepousez PhD from @ecoledunez was as engaging as he was informative making it easy for non-sciency people like me to understand. Among the many things I learned (with scientific backing): why it is important to swallow a bit when tasting, why I am occasionally moved to tears when I smell a wine and how an apéro helps us appreciate the wine and food that follows. Can’t wait for the book!
    • Bruno Vorburger on Feb 18, 2021
      Fascinating, new understanding, super presentation – a complete package Gabriel Lepousez has an immense knowledge, the presentation was interesting as a thriller. It opened my eyes that there is much more out there we should consider when approaching wine, sniff at a glass, swirl the wine in our mouth and swallow the liquid.
    • Albert Sheen on Feb 18, 2021
      Gabriel's webinars were truly eye-opening and very well-presented. After watching them, I have a much better understanding of how wine affects the senses and how our brains interpret those sensations.
    • philip hedger on Feb 19, 2021
      Maybe the definitive set of tutorials on this complex facet of wine tasting. Perhaps there is a more knowledgeable expert and better presenter on the topic. If there is, then sign me up!
    • Sharlene Kopec on Feb 19, 2021
      This course in unlike any other in wine, I highly recommend it for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It will expand your horizons and the way you think about experiencing wine using all of your senses.
    • Harold Anderson on Apr 29, 2021
      I would recommend this course to anyone that has a real interest in wines beyond just drinking.
    • Karen Sutherland, FWS on Apr 30, 2021
      Absolutely fascinating course. There were as many questions in the "Q&A" forum as there were comments about revelations and how fascinating the course was every minute in the "Chat" forum. There was so much material and participants had such a wide variety of knowledge that the questions kept being asked even after the course was over. Gabriel did a great job of addressing the questions and is extremely knowledgeable. In addition, several people referenced his course when we did the Molecular Harmonies course - clearly a great foundation for greater understanding of wine tasting. I would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone.
    • Vince Cardella on Apr 30, 2021
      The entire 4 part series is fantastic. The instructors are so enthralled by everything wine that it makes learning so enjoyable.
    • Barbara Cohen on Apr 30, 2021
      This full series has been the most fascinating wine class I have taken in exploring wine tasting. I feel it has helped me immensely with blind tastings. The on-line series has gone smoothly and I highly recommend all taking the full course.
    • Nicholas Cowell on May 2, 2021
      Brilliant new insgights from the cutting edge of research, presented with evidence in areas that are well-established, and areas of uncertainty and possible future research
    • Luiz Da Silva Mello on May 3, 2021
      Very interesting series, with a new and useful approach to wine tasting techniques.
    • James Bushee on May 3, 2021
      The Neuroscience of Wine Tasting is the best program on this subject that I’ve experienced. Nick Jackson is extraordinarily knowledgeable and articulate, and he communicates very difficult concepts in a practical and easily understood manner.
    • Louise Boutin on May 3, 2021
      Applying science or new approches to traditional wine tasting techniques will be useful in my wine reviews. I would recommend this webinar to any professional wine tasters.
    • Joseph Lambert on May 3, 2021
      Nick really opened my eyes to a whole new way of tasting for variety. Being somewhat of a novice I felt that I really benefitted from Nick's many years of experience. When someone is willing and able to think outside of the box and present it to a wide audience in an enjoyable way that's a real talent. I look forward to more courses with Nick!
    • Garrell Keesler on May 3, 2021
      My takeaways from this program are giving me a new way of tasting wine. As I approach a blind tasting, I'll be less bogged down in confusingly similar aromas and fruit profiles, and will begin with the structure. This will give the other features of the wine a framework that will make them easier to observe.
    • Barbara Cohen on May 7, 2021
      This was my favorite wine class so far. It gave me the freedom to experience wine through feelings. I am a feeling person so this really helped me in my blind tastings. Very informative.
    • Karen (Kari) Ductor on May 10, 2021
      Very informative, different way of evaluating wine
    • Karen (Kari) Ductor on May 10, 2021
      Good information, tried pairings. Wonderful
    • Tom Gable on May 15, 2021
      I've always relied on the nose of a wine as the most important factor in identifying a variety or varieties, place, winemaking nuances and initial impression on quality. Nick's approach sharpened my sensitivities in new ways to acids and tannins. I now take more time in analyzing their shapes, locations, intensity and tactile impressions, with modest success. So I definitely will be practicing more! Thanks for the new tasting tools. Tom Gable San Diego Wine Guru

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