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Cornelius Anthony Jr

Cornelius Anthony Jr
I knew I loved champagne but this program allowed me to gain an understanding of it that made me fall in love with the place just as much as the wine.
Cornelius Anthony Jr, Sommelier, Caracol Mexican Coastal Kitchen
Other certifications: Certified Sommelier

Congratulations to Cornelius Anthony Jr for passing the Champagne Master Level exam with highest honors!

About Cornelius:

My wine professional journey actually began by accident. I began this journey in summer of 2016 when I became a wine steward at Krogers in the suburbs of Houston, TX. Upon taking the position, I had to learn about wine and my department and I met my mentor Mr. Jamie Deleon and he introduced me to what a “sommelier” was and what the Court of Masters were and I decided to pursue becoming a somm. I passed my intro exam in January 2017 and went on to pass my certified exam in July of 2017. I left being a wine steward to get into distribution with a local company in the Houston Area. After being with Serepedity wines for a couple of years, my true passion has always been Champagne but more so the wine bar realm of the industry was where I wanted to be. I went on to become the general manager for a small wine bar in Missouri City, TX named Vino & Vinyl. The best decision of my life! Cool wines, great people and vinyl records only playing! I was in heaven. Upon working there I began to do consultant work around the city of Houston for years with other wine bars, new restaurants as well as curating cellars for private collectors and helping some distributors in choosing good champagnes and sparkling for the Houston market.  Currently, I am the Sommelier at Caracol Mexican Coastal Kitchen. It seems so surreal being the somm there because this is where I would have a lot of my mock service exams, wine classes and blind tasting. That place has and will always have a special place in my heart.  Lastly, my aspiration is to begin my champagne and sparkling wine club, which I hope to launch in the Spring of 2022! So look out and ultimately open up a champagne / sparkling wine boutique shop with a tasting room. So stay tuned! Santi!

I am a certified sommelier with the Court of Masters in 2017, I also am a certified champagne specialist through the CIVC the governing body of Champagne with their MOOC program, which I received in 2019.

The Masters Program through WSG was really my light bulb moment and truly understanding, I have found my passion and joy! That is something we all strive to reach not only in life but in any profession. Champagne is truly my joy and I want to educate everyone on this great wine and the great people and stories of the region.

The program has opened up so many avenues because I was that student who would try to reach out to all the instructors to get a better idea of things I didn’t quite understand or needed more in depth explanations to things in the webinar. They all who I was able to reach out to, were very receptive. This program will test you on every level of understanding what I like to say is the idea of Champagne! Champagne is a perfect idea! I knew I loved champagne but this program allowed me to gain an understanding of it that made me fall in love with the place just as much as the wine. The history, the stories or legends, the process of how this wine is made and the branding of this wine is like none other wine in the world! I learned things that will stay with me forever and with this I feel that this was what I needed to gain the best understanding of the terrior of Champagne. If you decide to embark on this program, I say be committed, ask all the questions, read, read, and read some more!

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